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Once Upon A Corper - Season 2 - Episode 5
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Ola’s POV

I was driving on the quiet streets, swerving left to right. I wondered why
other cars weren’t not plying the road. I muttered to myself. I was
enjoying the ride slowly and I was about to go roundabout when I saw some
people ahead of me running and chasing a girl.

Oh God! What is happening?

Seyi’s POV

The ritualists have been on chasing me for like 20 minutes. I didn’t know
where I was headed yet I couldn’t stop else might be dead. I saw a car
ahead of me driving slowly. That might be my savior!

Lord help me. I ran as fast as I can then I waved hazily towards the car.

Ola’s POV

I slowed down a bit to know what was happening when I saw her waving at me.
I slowed down and opened the door of the car and just like a fish she
jumped in, I
reversed and drove in the same way I came through.

That moment I reversed to the road screeching, I accelerated back to the
main road and drove away. The strange girl kept looking back at intervals
maybe her pursuant are coming for her. I managed to look back too but and I
could still see two of them still running to catch up with my fast-moving

They must be mad. I said to myself, focusing on my driving. I looked at the
girl again. She was weeping uncontrollably. Her white vest now turned

Hey, you are safe now okay? What really happened? I asked while still
driving. She just couldn’t stop crying. I knew that wasn’t the best time to
ask questions. So I let her be.

Some minutes later, I drove into the parking lot of the hotel Kim and I
lodged at. I beckoned on the strange girl to get down and follow me and she
did. We both walked past the receptionist, climbed the stairs and walked
into my room quietly.

Thank goodness! Kim still left some of her clothes in the room. She
couldn’t pack all due to the emergency. Well, the room is spacious. How do
I cope with the emergent visit of this strange girl? I asked myself.

Seyi’s POV

When you feel the loom of death catching up with you, you can’t figure how
to summon strength to even run. How I managed to escape that far and long
was still a mystery to me. Usain bolt wouldn’t have competed with me in
that way I ran. We are talking about escape from death here! Is that how I
would have lost my life; if not for God’s intervention and the timely
intervention of this guy?

Oh Daniel! I never believed he could do this to me. Oh God! (I busted into
another round of tears again)
The strange guy kept driving to only God knows. At that moment, I really
didn’t care where he was driving me to. Somehow I felt safe and comfortable
with him. He was my savior.

He drove me to his hotel room and I was surprised as I could see some
ladies dressing in the room. That doesn’t really matter right now. Daniel
is a devil. If I had my way, I would have thrown him into the lion’s den
and he wouldn’t have survived it. I swear! …

Ola’s POV

The strange girl kept staring into space. I called the customer care agent
to bring some food and also get some other refreshment for the girl. After
some minutes, the order was placed and I brought it inside to her where she

Hey! Hey! You are safe now. Okay? I tapped her while she jolted back to
life then she continued sobbing
I think she is stable now. (I muttered to myself)
What happened over there? What’s your name? Where are you going to? Why
were those guys pursuing you? What happened?

After like 5 minutes of silence, I was about to stand up since she would
not speak with me.

He broke my heart. She said and broke into another round of tears again. I
held her hands this time. Now I know the first part, emotional trauma.

I took a glass of cold water and gave it to her. She took it gladly from me
and she drank. I guess that calmed her nerves a bit better.

So tell me what really happened? What is your name?

She adjusted from her previous sitting position.

I am Seyi. Am a corp member and I am serving in Akwa ibom. We were on
Easter break so I decided to come and spend some time with Daniel.

Daniel? Who is Daniel? I asked
Daniel was my boyfriend. We met in camp during the orientation camp in
Borno. We met during those times on the parade ground and just got together
in love.

Obviously, I fell in love with him. Unfortunately, he redeployed to Ogun
state while I was transferred to Akwa ibom. Our love had been going really
well since up until then.

So what happened? I asked
I travelled down today, hoping to catch him by a surprise visit only to
meet my supposed lover making love to another girl in his room. I left
there even though it was late, unknowing to me, there is a community rite
“Oro” in the vicinity.

What? I exclaimed! Oh now I understand now.
I was just walking to nowhere when I encountered them and started running
for my life till…till then she busted into tears again.

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