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Password - Season 2 - Episode 30
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They remained like that for a long time, and then he spoke against her stomach, his voice muffled. She lifted her head.
“What did you say, K?”
She felt him chuckling against her stomach, and then he raised his head, and his face was all handsome and shining with an inner glow of naughtiness that sent her heart yammering and fluttering like a torn kite in a gale.

“I like that,” he said with his eyes half-shut. “I like that a whole lot.”
“What?” she whispered.

“That ‘K’ thing,” he said, and they smiled at each other.

“You said something before that,” she said eventually. “What did you say?”

“I said you’re the stew on my rice,” he said, and then both of them burst out into uncontrollable gales of laughter.

“And that particular one always filled me with such wrath!” she whispered after a while. “But coming from you, it sounds romantic, can you believe that?”

“I can believe that, Maa Abena,” he said, and he was no longer laughing, and his face was quite serious. “This thing between us, Abena, this thing we’re trying to talk about in such inadequate ways. There are problems, you know?”
She raised her eyebrows.

She was aware that he was still holding her, that his chest was still pressed against her, but she really enjoyed it, although it was the closest any man had ever come next to her. There had been hugs, yes, from men, but those had been perfunctory and barely felt.

But this was different.

This was…awesome, yes, and it scared the beJesus out of her.

“Problems,” she said, looking down at his face. “Which kind?”

“Well,” he said seriously. “For one I’m here in an asylum, Abena. I don’t have any work right now, I’m cooped up in an asylum. I don’t have much money saved, and to all intents and purposes, I’m completely impotent. Now, that’s not the kind of guy for a girl like you, Maa Abena.”

“Well, that’s not a problem,” she said with a little smile. “I’ve served God all my life. Those things you see as problems would be fixed in a jiffy if I accept you and pray to God to help you.”

“Oh!” he said, quite flustered. “You see it is as easy as that?”
She chuckled.

“You don’t know the God I serve, Kofi,” she said gently. “And that’s another thing. I can’t accept you if you don’t give your life completely to God, Kofi. That’s why I brought you the Bible. You should start life on the cleanest page when you leave here, and there’s none as clean as true repentance.”

“Yes, I’ve been reading up on that and my mind is made up, Abena,” he said earnestly. “I truly want to be a Christian, believe me I do, and I’ve begun the journey, so trust me on that.”
She smiled happily.

“I do trust you on that, K,” she said, and they smiled at each other. “But, you still have some problems, don’t you?”
He nodded, his face worried now.

“Yes, Abena,” he said. “I’m worried about you and Ato.”

She scowled and carefully stepped back a step, forcing his arms to drop from around her waist.

She looked at him with a worried expression on her beautiful face.

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