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Password - Season 2 - Episode 33
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Doctor Joan Kankpe was sitting at the right side of the table, whilst a grim-faced Bobo Dovlo was sitting at the left. Around the table were three men and two women from the National Medical Board.

An unsmiling Elsie Ansah was sitting at the foot of the conference table with chairs on each side of her. Doctor Braimah instructed Nii Lin and Maa Abena to sit on either side of Nurse Elsie Ansah.
“Well, since you’re all here, I’ll get straight to the subject,” Judge Buabasah began with a grim face. “You’re all aware that Mr. Kofi Kuntu was remanded here on the orders of the court, and to all intents on purposes we were waiting for him to get well, if it is possible, so that the substantive case against him can be heard in court. Well, we are privy to some rather disturbing and shocking information and videos, and these have necessitated our presence here today. The brief synopsis is that Mr. Kofi Kuntu was allegedly remanded here in this institution by Doctor Bobo Dovlo on a false psychological evaluation report. Furthermore, it is alleged that the security men, on the orders of Director Dovlo, have been meting out some cruel treatments to Mr. Kofi Kuntu. As you all know, such shocking revelations need to be investigated. We made it known to the National Medical Board, and a few decisions had been reached. I’ll leave it to Doctor Braimah to communicate these decisions.”

Doctor Hassan Braimah sat up straight and pulled the microphone closer to his lips.

“We have spoken to Doctor Bobo Dovlo, of course, and he has categorically denied these allegations,” the man said with a severe look on his face. “He also alleged that Miss Elsie Ansah is on a personal agenda to paint him black on any excuse, and turn the staff against him in a bid to ensure that he is sacked from his position.”

“What?” Elsie exclaimed in a scandalized voice, looking at Director Dovlo with incredulous eyes. “Me? You said that of me, Director?”
“Be quiet, Miss Ansah, I’m on the floor!” Doctor Braimah retorted in an angry voice, his eyes boring into Elsie Ansah. “Madam, you have made a worst allegation against the doctor, so allow me to speak! Now, the image of this institution is at stake, ladies and gentlemen, and so is the whole medical institution as a whole! So we don’t want the press to get wind of this! We should all treat it with utmost confidentiality. Is that clear?”

There were stunned nods all around, and the tension in the conference room was absolutely indescribable.

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