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Password - Season 2 - Episode 35
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The wooden parts of the bed were all broken into little slabs! His mattress, clothes and papers in the room had all been shredded! The doors of the wardrobe had been ripped out! Every piece of wood was broken, and every piece of fabric was torn!

And standing in one corner of the room was a very old, bald, naked man, and a very short evil-looking thing which was standing in a calabash! It looked like a little boy, but it was holding its head under its right armpit!

Both of them were smeared with thick white clay from head to foot, and their eyes shone a bright red!

The naked old man raised his left forefinger and pointed at Ato, and his eyes blazed with malevolent evil!

And that was when Ato began to scream his lungs out!

“Yeeeew!” the old man said in a croaking voice. “Yew keeked the Mallam Busanga haid! Yew will diesssssss!”

“Yieeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Ato scream, and his head ached him so much that he almost blanked out. He had never seen such evil. “Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiii!!”

He was suddenly lifted off his feet, and he was slammed into the wall, and then an invisible force lifted him along the wall, then across the ceiling!

The ceiling-fan began to spin wildly, and he was dragged uncontrollably toward the blades! His head was held back by an invisible hand, exposing his tender neck toward the spinning blades!

The naked old man was still pointing up at him, and Ato knew he was seconds away from a terrible death! One swipe from these blades and his jugular would be cut open, and he would be almost decapitated, dying painfully!

“Yew wil diessssssss!” the naked old man was croaking with pure evil. “Yew keeked the Mallam Busanga haid…yew will diesssssssss!!”

And as his neck crept toward the spinning blades, and death crept near, Ato finally remembered a snatch of Bible Psalm he had heard at the revival, and he suddenly began to shout it out!

“Yea, though I walketh in the valley of the shadow of death, I shalt not fear evil, for thou are with me, thy rod and thy staff they comforteth me….amen o, amen o, amen o….Awurade eeeeei….amen o!”

And he fell from the ceiling onto the floor heavily.
The old man’s face was suffused with confusion, and yes, a texture of fear. He looked at the fan, which had stopped spinning, and he looked at Ato with something like trepidation on his face.

“Yew keeked the Mallam Busanga haid!” he hissed. “Yew…”

“Amen o, amen o, amen o!” Ato was screaming shrilly. “Awurade Yesu Christo eeeeeeiii, amen o, amen o, amen o! Awurade Yesu eeeeeei! Awurade Yesu eeeeei! Bra o, bra o, bra o!!”

Something seemed to grab hold of the old, withered man and the headless boy!

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