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Password - Season 2 - Episode 38
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He looked uncannily like a terrible ogre in the dim light!

Suddenly he screamed madly and hammered his chest with both fists repeatedly, and then he came charging down the ward at Kofi, emitting an enraged bellow.

Kofi kept his cool.

He picked up the small fire extinguisher and pulled out the safety pin. He rotated the nozzle and kept his hand on the trigger.

Baluu was throwing objects from his path with fierce abandon, and then he rounded the bed and came straight at Kofi.

Kofi lifted the extinguisher, pointed the nozzle, and sprayed a blast of foaming liquid into the screaming face of Baluu!

Baluu’s face changed from maddened wrath to heart-wrenching terror when he saw the extinguisher, and he threw up his massive arms to protect his face at the last instant.

“Eiiiii, no be small oooo, no be small ooo!” he screamed shrilly with fear. “He has the white jabujabu ooo! White jabujabu ooo!”

His head was lost in the spray of foam, and he fell down with screams of fear, and then he crawled fiercely on the floor away from Kofi.

Kofi followed him, and Baluu crept under one of the ward beds and curled up with fear, whimpering miserably!

Kofi stood there, his mind racing as he thought of action moves and rejected them. He had no allies now! It was true Maa Abena and the rest were out there somewhere, but none of them knew that Doctor Joan Kankpe was compromised! By the time the investigations were over, she might have rendered Kofi irreparably insane!

He stood formulating plans as Baluu remained under the bed whimpering.

Kofi knew he had to get out of the asylum, at least for a while, and make other plans. If he got out, he could go to a television station or the press and tell his side of the sordid story.

Whatever happened, staying at the asylum was a deadly idea now, something he could not allow to happen.

Finally, he bent on one knee and looked under the bed at the terrified Baluu.

“Eiii, no be small ooo, no be small ooo!” Baluu shrieked. “Jabujabu is here o, Jabujabu is here!”

“Come out, Baluu!” Kofi said, striving to sound harsh and authoritative, but he was too weak to sound anything but frail. “Come out now!”

“Ei, no be small!” Baluu said. “You want to spray me with the white jabujabu o!”

“Shut up, Baluu!” Kofi said desperately. “I’m not going to spray you. We’re getting out of here! If you don’t come out I’ll spray you, but if you come out I won’t spray you! Now step out!”

Baluu scampered out and stood facing Kofi with fear on his face.

“We’re getting out of here, Baluu!” Kofi said, pointing the nozzle of the extinguisher toward the entrance. “We’re going to go to the main gate and get out of here, okay?”

“Ei, no be small!” Baluu said. “Jabujabu wants to vanish!”

“Yes, yes, Baluu!” Kofi said. “And Baluu is going to help Jabujabu otherwise he will spray him. Alright, let’s move.”

He prodded Baluu in the back with the nozzle of the extinguisher, and the muscled giant took off at a fast run. Kofi was too weak, and couldn’t follow.

“Herh, herh, Baluu, wait up! Wait for me, otherwise I’ll spray your eyes with jabujabu!” he shouted.

Baluu slowed down, and together they went out of the entrance.

Three security guards were outside, and they had guns and Tasers, creeping slowly towards the entrance of the infirmary, evidently drawn by Baluu’s and Fiifi’s screams.

However, the moment they saw Baluu, they all turned around and fled with shrieks of fear.

Kofi and Baluu hurriedly run to the entrance.

Kofi found out that the more he exerted himself, the easier it was for him to breathe, and so he ran harder!

He was both scared and exhilarated!

Already a deafening alarm was blowing, filling the night air with a terrible deafening wail. He knew that the security men who had fled had triggered the alarm! He had to work fast otherwise he would be surrounded by men with guns.

When they approached the main gates they saw four security guards guarding it with drawn guns.

Kofi stopped with a groan of despair!

Baluu, however, kept moving forward!

The guard nearest them fired off his shots, but shockingly, Baluu kept running forward.

The shooting guard was terrified now. Obviously, he had been so scared that he had not been aiming his rifle well, and had missed Baluu’s huge bulk!

He tried to reload, and Baluu snatched the rifle from him and smashed it across his temple, and the guard fell down without a sound.

Baluu aimed a terrible right hook at the head of the nearest guard, and as the man fell down Baluu grabbed him by the ankle and spun him above his head like a rag, and then he threw the guard away. The man sailed through the air and smashed into a small car approaching from the administration block!

A side window on the car shattered, and the guard fell down, groaning.

The door of the car opened and a night nurse came out and took to her heels with shrieks of terror!

Kofi quickly picked up the guard’s rifle and approached the stalled car. There was no one else inside.

He could not believe his eyes as he entered the car and threw the rifle and the fire extinguisher in the back.

He engaged the drive gear and stepped on the accelerator, speeding forward toward the gates.

He saw that Baluu had grabbed one of the guards and was pulling his head up as if he wanted to tear the man’s head off his neck!

Horrified, Kofi grabbed the rifle and the fire extinguisher and dashed out, and all the time the alarm kept wailing, and now lights were on everywhere, and more guards were running toward the scene.

“Baluu, stop, stop, you’re killing him!” Kofi screamed. “Tell them to open the gates!”

Baluu dropped the guard, and the man crawled away frantically, uttering the Lord’s Prayer in a whimpering voice!

Baluu turned toward the last standing guard at the gates who had dropped his gun and was shivering, petrified.

“Ei, no be small!” Baluu roared. “Open the gates!”

The guard nodded and rushed into the security post at the side.

A moment later the gigantic electronic gates swung open, and the three metal bars beyond that swung up!

Kofi rushed to the car, and Baluu joined him.

The approaching guards were firing now as Kofi gunned the car, and they shot out of the gate as bullets whined through the air and ricocheted out off the body of the car!

Baluu was screaming wildly with ecstasy, and Kofi was also screaming and laughing and jabbering as they left the Adada Asylum behind!

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