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Password - Season 2 - Episode 46
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He was looking good in black slacks and a white linen shirt, excellently-tailored.

As he walked down hurriedly towards his friend, his face lit up with happiness, and tears brimmed in his eyes.

He stood looking down at Kofi, and both of them were silent for a long while, and then he nodded.

“Brother!” Ato whispered tremulously.

Kofi’s lips trembled as he looked at Ato.

“Something we need to discuss first, bro, before anything else goes down,” Kofi said quickly, his expression very distressed. “Code ABCD got f----d up, bro.”
He watched with great inner turmoil and pain as the smile slowly disappeared from Ato’s face, and an expression of acute torture filled his eyes.

“Maa Abena,” Ato whispered unsteadily, shaking his head numbly.

Kofi nodded miserably.

“Listen, bro, I’m so, so sorry!” he whispered tremulously. “I’ve never felt this way before about any girl. She’s the one, bro. I love her. I know I have to honour the Code, but I can’t bear to live without her, bro. It is a feeling I’ve never felt before. It is like she is a part of my generic makeup, mehn, like some precious organ, like my heart. The thought of living without her kills me! I can’t give her up, please, bro! I don’t know just how far you intend to go with her, and I’m so sorry for any pain this will bring you, bro! But Maa Abena…she’s my breath. Without her, I breathe not!”

Ato was absolutely rigid as waves of pain washed through him.

He looked at Kofi, and his lips trembled.

“Not even for our friendship, K?” he asked unsteadily, and tears shimmered in his eyes.

“No, Ato,” Kofi said, his own pain cracking his face, destroying it. “I’ll do anything for you, bro. I’ll die for you if I have to…but if I’m going to live, if I’m not going to die for you, then I can’t live without her.”

Ato looked down at his shoes for a long time, and then when he looked up Kofi saw the raw pain cutting up his friend’s face, and it cut him to the core.

Ato had unshed tears in his eyes as he looked at Kofi.

“Oh, Ato!” Kofi wailed. “I didn’t know you felt that way too!”

“Does she feel the same way about you?” Ato whispered.

“I believe she does, bro,” Kofi said dejectedly. “I believe she does. We didn’t plan it, bro. We just lived it, man.”

Without another word Ato reached into his pocket and brought out a beautiful glass case, and then he showed it to Kofi.

It glittered with the most exquisite, diamond-studded engagement ring Kofi had ever seen.

“I was going to ask you whether this is good enough for Maa Abena, before proposing to her, you b-----d!” Ato said with pain, and then he put the case on the bed beside Kofi and turned away.

“Ato!” Kofi cried with the depth of his misery. “Come on, man! Don’t leave like this! Please, Ato, please! Come back, bro!”

“F--k you, K!” Ato shouted and started running.

Kofi watched his friend leaving, and a part of him died inside.

As he turned his head he saw her.

Maa Abena!

She was standing at the entrance of Ward B.
She was in her white uniform and cap, and canvas, and she looked just like an angel as she stood there…and even from that distance he could see the tears on her cheeks.

She walked forward slowly until she was standing gazing down at his face.

She raised a hand and brushed the tears from his cheeks slowly.

“I heard,” she said softly. “I really mean that much to you, Kofi Kuntu?”
Kofi’s lips trembled.

“You mean more, Abena!” he whispered with passion. “You mean much, much more. I need only you, want only you, miss only you…I love only you, Abena.”

She sat down slowly by his side, and then she bent her head, and when her lips touched his he almost cried…it was the most exquisite feeling he had ever had.

Her lips were so soft, so sweet, so alive!

He didn’t touch her.

He just received her, and he wished he could stop time and freeze the particles of form so that he could remain like that for many years!

Her tears mingled with his, and her heart beat in tandem with his, a perfect piece of rhythm that no composer could ever fathom.

It was living.

This was bliss…the heartbeats of happiness!

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