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Password - Season 2 - Episode 47
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When Ato came out of the little gate and rushed to the car park, he was crying.

He felt so betrayed, so uncontrollably hurt. His heart was throbbing, and he could barely breathe!

He had been so sure that Maa Abena was his!

Their chats and telephone calls had been frequent, and his heart had been in a turmoil. True, he had not really told her how he felt toward her, but this was the one instant he had wanted to be sure, and not to rush. He had not wanted to make a mess of it.

She had been happy that he had given his life to Christ, and she had been very encouraging. Before Kofi was taken to the asylum he had asked her if she was in a relationship, but she had said no, she was taking her time!

He had not felt so profoundly in love with her at that time, true.

However, as they interacted on phone and and through chats, his love for her had grown to proportions he could no longer control, and he had been certain that she would accept him!

He had never thought it could pan out like this, no, not with Kofi!

They were like brothers, and Code ABCD was law!

It was a divine law!

He had not expected it from Kofi, of all people! How could he stab him in the back like this?
He took out a huge handkerchief and dabbed at his eyes when he got to the car park.

He walked quickly towards his car, and then he came to a sudden halt.

There was a man leaning against his car.

He was dressed in all black: shoes, trousers, shirt and a black Stetson hat. His hands were shoved in his pockets, and his head was bent.

As Ato drew nearer he saw that the man was wearing a white clerical collar around his neck.

A man of God.

This man was a pastor.

He stopped and looked at the man because he was leaning against the driver’s door.
“Excuse me, sir,” Ato said, dabbing at his eyes with the handkerchief. “That’s my car, please. I’m moving out.”

The man looked up then, and Ato saw that he was tall and lean, and that he was also quite elderly.

“She’s not meant for you,” the man said quietly.

“What?” Ato gasped, shocked to his very bones.

He looked around warily and saw that the whole car park was empty. There were cars around, but there was no one else.

He was quite spooked suddenly as he gaped at the pastor. “What did you say?”

“Maa Abena Nyantie is not for you, Yaw Ato Sey, and she was never meant to be with you,” the man continued gently. “From the onset, she was meant to be your friend’s wife.”


Ato just stared at the man with indescribable shock.

He was further stunned when the back door of his car opened, and another man stepped out.

This second man was tall and powerfully-built, and he was the most handsome man Ato had ever seen.

He was very young, and he was dressed in black jeans, brown combat boots, and a beautiful white polo shirt. His eyes roamed over Ato expressionlessly, almost disdainfully.

There was something very familiar about him; Ato felt strongly that he knew that handsome man somewhere.

“H-how d-did you g-get into m-m-my car?” Ato stuttered, and he was getting really scared now.

“Don’t be afraid, Ato, please relax,” the pastor said gently. “My name is Pastor Paul Anderson from Portville. This young man is Yaw Boat. God sent us to you, and here we are.”

“This one is a fool,” Yaw Boat said as he leaned against the car and crossed his arms, his hard eyes digging into Ato.

Ato gaped at him, shocked beyond words, and beginning to get angry.

“Excuse me!” Ato said angrily. “What did you say? Who are you calling a fool?”
“You,” the man called Yaw Boat replied, unruffled. “You’re a fool.”

“Stop it, Yaw!” Pastor Anderson said, but he was smiling as if he found the whole scene amusing. “You were worse when I found you. Remember you were a womanizing fool! You also pushed and used drugs, remember? And you were sleeping with anyone in skirts!”

“Maybe,” Yaw Boat said, still appraising Ato with unimpressed eyes. “But I didn’t s--t on myself with my first unblind sight.”

“You mean Stebbins?” Pastor Anderson said with a chuckle. “From what I heard you peed on yourself.”

“Peed, yes, and I also vomited, yes, but I didn’t s--t my pants,” Yaw Boat said, smiling now. “And that Stebbins monster was a hundred times scarier than those old demons that made this foolish boy s--t on himself.”

Ato took a step back from them as he realized suddenly that they were talking about his frightening encounter in his room!

Who were these people?

How had they known his most intimate secrets, something he had never told a single soul?

How was it possible?

His eyes were bulging with fear now, and he looked around desperately.

“How did you guys know all that?” he whispered with terror. “You better leave here, otherwise I’ll call security on you! Are you two from Mallam Busanga?”

The men looked at him, and then they looked at each other, and then they burst out laughing.

The pastor laughed loudly, but Boat’s laugh was soft and gentle, like a pleasant rumbling.
“How can you call security when you can’t move, or speak?” Yaw Boat asked gently, still chuckling. “Mallam Busanga! Told you this chap is a fool, Pastor.”

That was it!

Ato was not going to stand there and take any more of this bullcrap!

He was going back into the Adada Asylum to bring some security men.

But as he turned to leave, horrors of horrors, he realized he could not move his feet!

He was stuck to the ground!

Ato moved his feet desperately, but he was held in place by an invisible force!

He tried to scream, but his lips were glued shut, and he could not open his mouth!

His eyes opened wide with terror, and his heart pumped alarmingly, causing the older man to look concerned immediately.

He took a step forward and put a gentle hand on Ato’s shoulder.

“Relax, Ato, relax, we mean you no harm,” the pastor said gently, and with a warm smile. “We’re here to help you, okay? Those things you saw in your room, and effectively banished, were little agents of the devil. No naked eyes could have seen them. They could’ve killed you easily, but God opened your eyes to see them.”

Stop stopped struggling, arrested by the pastor’s calm voice.

He looked at them desperately, and realized suddenly that he was dealing with a power more potent than he had ever imagined possible.

“People who can see these spiritual demons have a special ability from God called the Second Sight,” Pastor Anderson continued gently. “Yaw Boat and myself have this ability. We’re Unblinds, the name given to people with this ability to see things in the spiritual world.”

Pastor Anderson was quiet for a while, and then he sighed heavily.

“Your ability is raw, and God has sent us to you to help you develop it, and to allow you to join us. We’re like soldiers of God who deal with evil things. Now, relax. I’m stepping back, and I want to show you something. Your eyes are going to be opened into another plane.”

The pastor took a step back, and as Ato watched, horrified, something incredibly amazing happened:

The two people began to glow!

He saw that they were surrounded by an amazing bright light, and it was so brilliant that Ato shut his eyes and looked away with sudden fear.

A moment later he felt the Pastor’s touch on his arm, but he refused to open his eyes.
“It’s okay, Ato, open your eyes now.”
Ato opened his eyes slowly.

The amazing shining thing was gone.

“You can talk now, Ato!” Pastor Anderson said. “And you can move now.”

Ato took faltering steps away from him now, holding out his right hand.

“No!” he mumbled. “No, no! What the hell was that?”

“That was something I used to call the Glow, but Yaw Boat calls it the force-field. It shields true Christians from evil, Ato. You don’t have it, yet, but believe me, if you had had it, those demons would’ve fled from your room before you entered. Are you following me?” Pastor Anderson said.

Ato nodded numbly, awed by what he was hearing.

“God wants you to be an Unblind, Ato. It comes with so much incredible powers! Yaw Boat here has been gifted with almost all powers of the Unblinds. This is a calling, Ato. We will be your teachers, and we will train you!”

“To do what?” Ato screamed hoarsely. “Train me to do what?”
“Combat evil, young man!” Pastor Anderson said, almost harshly.

“Listen, boy,” Yaw Boat said impatiently. “We have better things to do and we don’t have all day. God wants you to join His army of Unblinds. What that means is that you will see things the ordinary human eye can’t see. You will see into the spiritual realm. You will see demons, and you will fight and destroy them. It you agree to be a part of it, we will train you, and you will receive powers and your own force-field. If you don’t want to be a part we will leave, and you will not remember any of this.”

Ato took a stumbling step forward, his eyes beginning to twinkle with excitement.

“Wow,” he said softly. “You mean, with this power, I can bloskoto people like Mallam Busanga and mess up his demons?”

“Busanga is just a tiny inconsequential dot,” Yaw Boat said softly, his eyes serious. “I’m talking about huge, massive demons that would drive you out of your mind.”

“Wow!” Ato said, smiling. “Wow! I think I like it! I like it a whole lot! Teach me, teach me now!”

“Good!” Pastor Paul Anderson said. “Come with us then. Leave your car. We’ll take Boat’s car.”

They turned and began to walk toward a beautiful, sleek, black Escalade parked a short distance away.

Ato, extremely excited, took two steps toward them, and then he felt a crimpling pain in his belly, forcing him to m0an with acute pain and fall instantly to his knees, clutching his stomach.

The pastor and Boat turned toward him.

“What’s it?” Pastor Anderson asked with concern.

“My stomach!” Ato groaned with agony, and then he vomited wildly on the floor. “Pain! Can’t stand it!”

“Call,” Paul Anderson and Yaw Boat said at the same time.

“God has an assignment for you, boy,” Yaw Boat said next. “Something you must do before you leave.”

“What?” Ato groaned with agony. “There’s nothing I want…wait, yes…my friend, K.K!”

“What about him?” Paul Anderson asked with a frown.

“There’s a curse on him,” Yaw Boat said suddenly, and his face was suddenly cold and harsh as he looked around. “The devil touched him with a curse. Ato has to break it before he leaves. That is his first call.”

“Wow! you received the gift of healing too. Go then,” Paul Anderson said urgently. “We will wait for you here. Go and break it.”

“Break what?” Ato groaned in anguish. “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”
“Just go and touch Kofi, and his curse will be broken,” Yaw Boat said, his voice hard.

“Go and touch him?” Ato Sey asked with great pain. “You fool! Who do you think I am…Jesus Christ?”

Without warning Yaw Boat stepped forward and gave Ato a shove in the chest.

Ato tottered backward and fell down on his hands and knees.

“Hey!” Ato shouted, alarmed. “What’s the matter with you? What was that for?”
Without a word Boat raised his right leg, and stamped down cruelly with the heavy sole of his combat boot on Ato’s left hand which was splayed on the ground.

Ato screamed shrilly as his fingers shattered, the bones sticking out in several places, and blood streaming out in torrents, wetting the hot concrete ground of the parking lot.

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