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Password - Season 2 - Episode 50
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Ato took horrified steps back, looking at his right hand with shock and confusion, his heart beating with great disappointment.

“But…bu-but they said I sh-should just t-touch you!” he stuttered with pain, shaking his head numbly.

“Forgive us, our bad,” a new voice said, and they looked up and around as a most incredibly handsome man approached them.

Ato recognized Yaw Boat, and he went to meet him, his face shattered.

“What happened, Mr. Boat?” he asked miserably. “I tried to heal him, Mr. Boat! I covered his wound and gripped it hard, but I only succeeded in hurting him, Mr. Boat!”

“Call me Yaw, or Boat, my paddy,” Yaw Boat said. “Don’t worry, it is our fault. We all make that mistake, and mine cost me the life of my father.”

There was a note of sudden sadness on his face as he spoke, but then he sighed heavily and seemed to get himself under control.

“The powers are not coming from you, Ato,” he said. “It’s from God, in honour of His son, whose name God has made powerful above all names. So, we heal in the name of Jesus Christ. That’s how you do it. You say, ‘I heal you, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.’ Or you say, ‘receive your healing in the name of Jesus Christ.’ Go on, try it again! Oh, and you don’t necessarily have to touch his wound.”
Ato turned away, quite miserable.

Kofi and Maa Abena looked on, quite scared, not comprehending what was happening.

“If you touch my wound again I swear I’ll kill you, Ato,” Kofi said with nervous pain.

Ato walked forward on unsteady legs, reached out with a trembling right hand and touched Kofi’s left leg.

“In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, may your body be cured of all infirmities!” Ato whispered.
“See you!” Yaw Boat muttered with a slight grin. “Too known kwa.”
And Kofi felt it.

Something quite strange and complete surged through him, tearing through his body and heart, shaking him, tearing him apart, and he jerked on the bed hard, causing Ato to shout and step back with fear!

Maa Abena screamed, and gathered Kofi in her arms, calling for the doctor.

Doctor Aidly Boamah came running from the office she had taken over.

Maa Abena could feel Kofi jerking in her arms, and then he went quite still, absolutely still.

His arms were around her, and he was sitting on the edge of the bed, and then he began to kiss her, fiercely and passionately, and her heart raced as alien feelings rocked her body, making her knees weak, and her heart pound.

She was reaching out to push him away, quite alarmed at the strong urge to push him down on the bed and climb on top of him…when her hand brushed something hard and strong and stiff between them, and she stepped back, trembling with sudden awareness, staring down at him with shock!
Kofi was shocked too!
He was staring down at his g---n!

The front of his ward dress was stretched fit to bursting with the hardest erection he had ever had!

He reached tentatively into the gown and touched his dogo yaro, and ascertained that indeed, it was his own ‘cassava’ which was that rock-hard!

It was his alright!

A strong, hard, standing, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful erection!

He was aware of Doctor Aildly Boamah muttering shocked words behind because she had checked his wound, removed Elastoplast after Elastoplast…and Kofi’s skin was smooth and unblemished at his back, with no indication of his terrible bullet wound!

When Kofi looked up, his face was covered with great tears, and Maa Abena was weeping too.
Kofi looked round, but Ato and the strange man had already left the room.

“Thank you, my paddy!” Kofi whispered as his tears fell. “Thank you, my brother. Forgive me, and may God use you!”

He turned to Maa Abena and held out his arms.
“Come, my love,” he whispered. “Please come to me.”

Maa Abena shook her head and took two steps away from him, smiling and crying at the same time.

“No way, K,” she said, her expression radiant. “You think I craze? Until we’re pronounced man and wife I’m not hugging or kissing you again, not with that thing working again. Apuu papa!”

And the three of them laughed.

Doctor Aidly Boamah stared at Kofi’s raging erection.

“Please, cover that thing, please,” she said and turned away, still stunned.

“Cover?” Kofi said, laughing and crying at the same time, absolutely bursting with happiness. “Apuu papa! Do you know the last time this thing stood up? I don’t even want it to go down again!”


It had been the wedding of Akweley’s dreams!
It had been with more pomp and pageantry than her wildest ever imagination!

The setting alone had been breath-taking!
The waterfall background at her husband’s private resort had been amazing!

The reception had been on top of the great pool of water!

There was a hardened and tempered glass across the pool of water, and the exquisite tables and chairs had been arranged on the glass for the guests to sit on.

It had been as if they were suspended on the pool of water!

Replete with the lovely gardens and hanging, lifelike angels, it had been tremendous and magical!

It had been attended by great and famous people both from within and without the country!
Her father had been proud and blown away!

Akweley had seen the looks of envy and want on the faces of her friends!

She knew it would be all over social media!

Her famous wedding! One in town! None of her friends would ever be able to beat it!

She was so happy, outwardly, but deep down within her she had still been seeing Kofi’s face, his forlorn look early that dawn when he came to visit her, and beg her to give him another chance!

She was beginning to realize that she still loved him hard…

But she had to stifle that feeling!

She had to kill him and his memory! That life was done and dusted! This was her new life now!
Their honeymoon would be a blast around some of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. They were going to spend three weeks in South Africa, then to Paris, Amsterdam, Moscow, London, Dusseldorf, Finland, Brazil, USA and finally home to Ghana!

Three months of bliss, of sheer joy!

It was beyond her imagination, and she was so ecstatic!

After the reception they boarded her husband’s private jet to South Africa.

The luxurious plane had a fully-enclosed suite for them.

She entered ahead of her husband, and as soon as the door slid shut on them she flung herself at Attah Badu and clamped her lips on his with a groan!

Akweley was afraid!

She couldn’t feel happy!

She had a premonition that something awful was about to happen!

And try as hard as she could, she simply couldn’t shake off that feeling of dread!

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