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Password - Season 2 - Episode 51
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The Password Saga continues now, with some rather unexpected holes for Akweley…

Akweley kept seeing Kofi’s face, kept imagining the two of them together on a honeymoon! Suddenly her body was craving his touch, his s£[email protected] kisses, the ecstasy of feeling him inside her!

Getting to the airport and entering the jet, she only wished it was Kofi by her side, and it was killing her! She just couldn’t have that, and she meant to kill his vision from her mind’s eye swiftly and brutally!

She had rejected Kofi, and she was never one to go back to what she had vomited, as the saying went…and so she vowed that there was no way she was going to allow Kofi to ruin her chosen life.

She needed to make sweet love with Attah Badu, and that would put Kofi’s memory in the ghost category forever!

She was in great hurry now, kissing Attah Badu passionately, hungrily, driving her body into him!

He giggled and allowed her to lead him to the huge, beautiful and comfortable bed in the middle of the enclosed suite in the jet plane.

They fell on it, kissing desperately.

Her hands roved his hard body, down to his g---n, and she was a little bit dismayed when she didn’t feel any erection.

Well, he might be a little tired, she thought. It had been a hard, tiring and exciting day! But she was going to blow his mind, or yes, and they were going to make great love!

She got off the bed, and in a flash she had taken off her clothes, standing naked and ready in her arousal. Her b-----s stood out proud and succulent! Her body was tight and incredible!

She was wet and greatly aroused, feeling Kofi’s stiff love pole slowly…

“No!” Akweley shouted, staring at the bed with tears blurring her eyes.

She was not going to allow Kofi to do this to her…never!

She gyrated sexily to the bed and fell down on it.
Akweley helped him take off his suit, and she pushed them on the floor.

She kissed him hard, running her hands over him.

He was now in his boxers.

She kissed his n-----s, chest, navel and went down lower.

Still she could not see any erection, but that did not deter her. She would take him in her mouth in a jiffy, and he would be as erect as a Scotland street light soon enough!

She grabbed his boxers and pulled them off his athletic legs, and when she reached for his briefs she stopped quite suddenly!

He was not wearing briefs!

He was wearing sheer, sexy, black [email protected]!
Akweley gasped, her face shattered!

She closed her eyes tightly and opened them slowly…

Yes, her husband, her handsome, wealthy, athletic husband…was wearing black lacy sexy [email protected]!

Akweley refused to look up at his face.

She was trembling as she reached out and took hold of the black [email protected], and he lifted his butt0ckz as she pulled them down his thighs and off his feet.

She waited, numb all over!

Attah Badu was lying still on the bed, looking at her, but she did not look at his face. She looked slowly at the juncture of his thighs.

He giggled suddenly and slowly parted his thighs.

His g---n was completely shaved.

The light was bright enough for Akweley to see that her husband had no penis…but he had a huge, gaping, wet v----a!

The tears blinded Akweley as she looked up slowly into his face, and then he burst into raucous laughter, laughing hard with genuine mirth.

“Oh, oh, oh! The look on your face, darling! How I’ve waited to see this look of pain on your face! Oh, Lord! This is so divine! I’m so very happy!”

Akweley was almost dead!

She shook her head numbly as she stared at this man-woman.

“Who are you?” she whispered, almost passing out. “Why have you done this to me?”

He burst into laughter again and got off the bed.

He poured himself a drink from a bottle in an iced bucket and looked at her.

“Oh, this is called transgender,” he said, still laughing at her. “This is so bliss! You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this. I’m a transgender species, yes!”

“WHY?” Akweley screamed in great anguish. “WHY, WHY, WHY???”

Attah Badu pointed a finger at her, still grinning.

“Now, that is a good question, my dear girl,” he said and walked briskly to one part of the cabin and pulled a hidden door aside. “Come, let me show you why, my dear girl!”

Almost in a trance, almost dead, Akweley stood up and walked on dead legs to his side, and looked into the cabin beyond.

There was another bedroom there, smaller, and sitting on the bed was a thin, extremely sad-looking girl.

She was wearing a black dress, and she was sitting perfectly still, staring unseeingly into space.

Akweley walked into the cabin with shaky legs, peering at the girl, and then her eyes opened wide with shock when she recognised the pale girl sitting on the bed.

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