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Password - Season 2 - Episode 53
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There was a momentary silence between them.
“Oh, you wanted to speak to me,” Kofi said with a smile. “Is it about a job offer? God knows I need a job urgently. I’m going to marry the girl I love, you know, a most wonderful girl called Maa Abena. Trouble is, I don’t have even one cedi in my name, can you imagine that?”

“That, indeed is bad,” Mr. Brempong said. “We’ll see what we can do about that. But first, what I wanted to tell you about. As I was saying, my wife died a few minutes after giving birth to our son.”
He paused again.

He was obviously getting quite emotional as he fought back tears, and Kofi wondered what was really happening to this wealthy man.

“We had been married for almost fifteen years without a child, and then she got pregnant, you know, and she was a little bit aged,” Mr. Brempong continued. “Everything went well, but she died suddenly with her son in her arms. Well, in the anxiety after her death, when I got to the clinic after Doctor Kankpe called me, I couldn’t find my son. It seemed that in the frantic activities that followed my wife’s death, someone stole our son.”

“Jesus Christ!” Kofi said with shock. “You lost your wife and son at the same time?”
Tears fell down Mr. Brempong’s face.

“Yes, I did,” he said softly. “It was quite a terrible time for me. My younger brother was with my wife at the time. He’s called Abbiw, and he was supposed to have looked after my son. Well, we all thought someone stole him, and I have been living in a nightmare for twenty-five solid years. I never saw my son. Doctor Joan only told me that my son had a mark on his back, a black mark like a flying eagle.”

Kofi Kuntu suddenly scrambled to his feet and moved away from the man with a stunned grunt. He took quick steps away from him, shaking his head numbly, too shocked to speak.

The man followed him.

He took out a white envelope from his pocket and extracted a sheet of paper from it.

“Doctor Joan Kankpe called me, Kofi. You see, when you were shot and she was dressing your wound, and she saw the mark again! She knew you were the baby she helped my wife deliver and who was stolen right after her death! The mark at your back really fascinated her since eagles are her favourite birds, and so she never forgot it.”

Kofi was dazed, and his heart was beating with a myriad of powerful emotions!

Throughout school, that had been his nickname; ‘The Eagle.’

He had even had pictures taken of that strange birthmark, and had used it as for various associations, especially display photos.

What was this man talking about?

Surely this couldn’t be!

“Doctor Joan Kankpe called me, and I came, and whilst you were on admission in the hospital, unconscious, we took your blood sample and we did the DNA test, and it proves you’re my son, Kofi!,” Mr. Brempong continued, unable to hold back his tears now. “But I didn’t need that test, my son! The moment I saw you on that bed, I knew who you were! You look exactly like your mother!”
“No!” Kofi screamed as tears of anguish fell down his face. “No, no, no, no, no, no! That can’t be true, sir! They told me my parents died in an accident! I have lived from foster parents to foster parents, who were paid money from a government agency to raise me! I left the house of the last foster parents when I was sixteen years because the man beat me all the time!”

“It was my brother’ fault, my brother Abbiw!” Mr. Brempong cried, his tears running unchecked now. “He didn’t want me to have an heir! When my wife died soon after giving birth to you, Abbiw took you and gave you to some people that trafficked in babies! They stole babies and sold them to wealthy people in need of children! But, their car was involved in a fatal accident, and the police found you. Abbiw traced you to the police station and brought some foster parents to come for you, whom he was paying secretly.”

“That’s wickedness!” Kofi exploded, the pain in his heart extreme, his face tortured. “Why would he do such a thing to his own brother and his own nephew?”

“Yes, sheer wickedness, and I’m really going to deal with him severely,” Mr. Brempong said. “He knew what he did was evil, and he was feeling so guilty! When your first foster parents died, because they were so old, he found new parents for you, but he never showed his face to you or the foster parents. He preferred to work through shady people who pretended to be government people.”

He paused and took out a huge, perfumed handkerchief to wipe his tears.

“When you fled from your last parents he could not trace you again, and he never tried to find you,” Mr. Brempong continued softly. “When I told him Joan found you again, he broke down and confessed everything! Your own uncle did this to you, to us, to me, my son. Come, Kofi Brempong, come to me! You don’t know how long I’ve longed to hold you in my arms!”
Kofi could not speak as his father wrapped him in his arms.

He held the man tightly.

They could not speak.

Their deep, shuddering tears was the only language they were capable of at that moment.

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