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Password - Season 2 - Episode 54
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They went to the cells before leaving the police station.

Director Bobo Dovlo was standing at the far wall, but when he saw Kofi and his father standing outside in the corridor he ran to the cell gate and gripped it hard.

He looked his age now, old and unkempt!
His hair was grey and straggly, his clothes wrinkled and soiled. He hissed at Kofi, almost like snarl of a mad dog.

“You b-----d!” he whispered with hatred, reaching to through the bars and trying to grab Kofi. “You filthy, stinking little piece of s--t! I’m going to kill you!”

Kofi looked at him, and then he took a deep sigh, shaking his head sadly.

“You’re going to spend the rest of your life in prison, Mr. Bobo,” Kofi said softly. “I forgive you. May you find favour in the sight of God.”
“B-----d!” Bobo Dovlo cried and shook the cell gates with fury. “You stinking piece of c--t! Die a miserable death, do you hear me? You and that stupid Kankpe b---h! You will both die!”
Obrempong Assiffuah placed a hand on his son’s shoulder.

“Let’s get out of here, son,” he said softly. “This loser isn’t worth it. We have a lot to catch up on. Let’s go to my island. You’ll love it!”

“Yeah, Dad,” Kofi said and turned away, and then he looked at his father with a happy smile on his face. “You have an island?”

“We, son,” Obrempong said, smiling happily. “Serwaa Island, named after your mother. You’ll love it!”

“Oh, boy!” Kofi said, slipping an arm around his father’s shoulders. “Oh boy, oh, boy, oh boy!”

“Eat s--t!” they heard Bobo Dovlo scream. “Eat s--t, Kofi Kuntu! Lick s--t! Aboa bi ba! You will die! You and Baluu, and Kankpe! All of you!”

“I think that man has been mad for a long time,” Brempong stated.

“I’m gonna kill you all!” Bobo Dovlo screamed. “You and Baluu!”
That made Kofi stop.

He was still as if frozen, and then he turned toward the cell again.

“Kofi?” his father said tightly, not liking the look on Kofi’s face.

Kofi traced his steps back to Bobo Dovlo and glared at the sick man with fury.

“That reminds me,” Kofi said gently, but his eyes remained cold. “Baluu wanted to see you again, and to tear you from limb to limb! But you’re really not worth it. I’m very sad Baluu isn’t here to rip your head off your shoulders, you murderer!”

“Eat s--t, you turd!” Bobo Dovlo hissed with hatred. “Eat s--t and die!”

“I forgive you for what you did to me, Bobo Dovlo,” Kofi said menacingly. “I don’t hold any grudges! But this is for Baluu, you b-----d!”
“What is that?” Bobo Dovlo asked disdainfully. “What is for Baluu, you piece of s--t?”

Dovlo’s face was pressed into the bars of the cells as he looked at Kofi with hatred.

Kofi gathered all his strength into his right fist, and he left fly!

His fist smashed into Bobo’s face, hurling the man bag like a doll!

Bobo screamed shrilly with pain.

He smashed to the floor of the cell, his nose broken and lips broken by Kofi’s blow as blood splotched his face.

He spat, and Kofi had the satisfaction of seeing some loose teeth falling from the man’s mouth. Bobo Dovlo was m0an!ng with acute pain now, holding his mouth as blood seeped between his fingers.

He looked up at Kofi from the floor, and this time there was terror in the depths of his eyes.

Kofi, satisfied and appeased, walked out with his father.


A month later the incredibly beautiful private helicopter circled Serwaa Island.

“Goodness me!” Nii Lin exclaimed as he turned and peered out of the window of the helicopter. “It’s really an island! You’re having your wedding on an island, Maa Abena?”
Maa Abena, in her beautiful wedding dress, smiled happily behind her veil, and gripped her father’s arm tightly.

Across from her Elsie, the new Director of the Adada Asylum, was sitting with Maa Abena’s proud mother.

“Herh, Kofi owns an island,” Mr. Agyeman said proudly. “He’s dosted roff! My son-in-law!”

“Technically, it’s his father’s island,” Nii Lin supplied rather unnecessarily.

This brought a roar of laughter from the people in the helicopter.

Meanwhile, Kofi was at the altar, waiting impatiently.

Ato Sey, his best man, was standing by his side.
They looked so resplendent in their black wedding suits.

The wedding arena was filled with people from all walks of life!

It had been arranged to look like a real garden, complete with miniature angels and wild animals posing around the incredible garden.

The wedding jingle began, and everyone looked up, and then she appeared.

All eyes turned to watch her.

Baluu, sitting in the front row with his beautiful fiancée, and wearing a beautiful white gown that would have taken a hundred yards to sew, turned and looked at Maa Abena.

“Ei, no be small!” he said with a laugh, and Kofi turned to him with sudden fear, but Baluu and Ato began to laugh at the same time.

“Don’t worry,” Ato said, chuckling. “God used me to cure him!”

“Are you sure?” Kofi asked worriedly. “When that man says ei, no be small, usually somebody gets hammered!”
“Your head wai!” Baluu shouted up at him, laughing.

The giant was having such a great time!
He had been out of the Adada for almost two weeks now. Kofi, Ato, Baluu and Brempong Assiffuah had had some incredible times on the island.

Kofi could not take his eyes off Maa Abena as she approached.

She was exquisite, the most beautiful and most amazing sight he had ever seen.

He still stared at her even when she was standing by his side.

Pastor Michael Crankson, the officiating minister, cleared his throat and bent his head, staring at the front of Kofi’s trousers.

“Herh!” Pastor Crankson said, quite taken aback. “Herh! What is that?”

Kofi, Ato and Maa Abena both looked down, and saw Kofi’s massive erection pushing out of his trousers.

“Kweeerh!” Ato said, giggling. “That’s called jack, Pastor, also known as oluman dade, Kweku domsuro, ogidigidi, ahunu abobirem, police abaa, chuku-chaka train, okukuseku!”
Maa Abena began to giggle, increasing Kofi’s discomfiture.

“Ei, Kofi!” Maa Abena said, unable to keep her laughter away. “As for this night I’ll get pregnant and give birth to triplets before morning!”

“What is wrong with you, young man?” Pastor Crankson said, quite unnerved. “I’ve never seen anything like this all my life as a pastor! Ohooo! Aaaba! Erection even before the vows? What’s wrong with you?”
“There’s nothing wrong with me,” Kofi said, smiling. “Please, let’s hurry up!”


Oh, yeah, almost forgot….
Maa Abena gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, nine and a half months later.

Baluu reclaimed his inheritance and got married too.

And Ato Sey now goes around doing terrifying things to demons…

Oh, yeah, almost forgot…

Director Bobo Kofi Dovlo, was sentenced to four hundred and twenty-five years in prison when he was found guilty of a long list of terrible atrocities, including a conviction on four counts of first degree murder…

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Aug 28, 2018
Aug 28, 2018
bruv you deserve an award even though this story took long to end the way you pieced the story from the beginning to the end is amazing bruv....wonderful usage of English....marvelous plot.... Thanks for an amazing story and a blessed end.... Ei no be small
Aug 29, 2018
Wow wow deserve some accolades.. the best story ever.. keep it up bro
Aug 29, 2018
Thank you very much for your lovely comments..... @Toby @ade
da real joshman
Aug 31, 2018
.....Ei no be small...jabujabu don marry dat 5ne girl 4dat very big nd beautiful highland.....ei no be small....ei no be small...ei no be small...ei no be small...pls no spray me oo...jabujabu...pls oooooooooooo...............................
Sep 17, 2018
I am woah, such intellectual write up.
Sep 23, 2018
Superb! Thanks for this piece,was eager and impatience to go to the next episode.
Jan 08
wow,nice one,real mature story,u deserve an award,God bless you bro
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