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Password - Season 1 - Episode 6
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Episode Title:
Rendezvous with Yasmeen



Relax, bro. Just relax. Find some chick and hammer am, that’s all. You must enter p---y inside fast, and the moment you get one screw noooor the pain go stop!


You sure? You very sure?


Positive, bro. Find some p---y bang and you go get relief!

Kofi cuts the call.

He opens his fly and pulls down the zip.

He pulls his penis out of the trousers and displays it so that the car’s air-condition will cool it.

But there is no difference, the pain is there, unabated.

At least the trouser material is not rubbing against it so it is a bit better.

He flips through his phone and calls Amina.
She tells him she has gone to Takoradi with her mother. It had been impromtu, and she will come back in a week’s time.

Kofi calls other girls, those he has slept with.
The story is the same.

None is available at the moment.

The time notice is too short.

Kofi Kuntu does more flipping. He has called about fifteen girls all with no success.

He is now getting to the end of the contact list.
He is in the ‘S’ column now, and sees a name he has saved as SAJILI INDIA.

Sajili had been his mate at an IT course he had taken.

She is a beautiful Indian who told him she fell in love with him the moment she saw him.

They have been in touch.

She is beautiful with a great body, and Kofi wants to make love to her. The only problem is that she wants him to marry her, and will not sleep with him unless he marries her.

He hesitates for a moment.

She stays with an aunt and her husband, although they have different apartments. She works in their restaurant as the Accountant.

She has her own flat. They have come pretty close to making love several times, but always her demand for marriage had stopped him.

He can go over now and promise her marriage and make love to her just to get rid of the pain.
He sighs and flips through the names.

And then he comes to the ‘Y’ section in the Contacts and pauses, sighing with relief.

There is a name he has saved as YAASMEEN RUSSIA.

Yes, that is his saviour!

Yaasmeen and her parents and two younger siblings live just about ten blocks from where Kofi stays.

Her parents run several electronic stores.

She stays in the detached quarters of their house alone.

She is extremely beautiful, though a little overweight.

Most of their premises had been built by LARYEA ODAMTEN WALLS, and Kofi had met her through that.

She always gives him calls and invites him over, telling him she will leave the small gate near the detached quarters open and put off the lights. She will also leash the dogs, allowing him time to get into her room.

Kofi has so far not honoured his promise because there have been other women he has been serving, and he did not really have the hots for her.

But today it is either her, or a prostitute.
Kofi has never been with a prostitute.

He hates them.

He calls Yaasmeen.

She picks the call even before the first ring has ended.


Ohhhhhh!! Kuuufi! Kuuuufi! My swiiiit darrrling! Was jost theenkeen abooot you! Are you comeeen over?


Yes, my love! I miss you! I’m coming over now to make sweet love to you!


Oooooooooh! Come biiiby! Pliiis come! Gate is oopen! Come darrrling!

Kofi cuts the call and quickly swings off the curb.


Oh, thank you, blood of Jesus!
He speeds towards Yaasmeen’s house.

Twenty minutes later she lets him into her room.

Kofi goes into the bathroom straight away to wash the tears from his eyes as Yaasmeen lurks outside to make sure none of her family members has noticed her nefarious activities of the night.

He cannot even stand straight as he cleans his face with a fluffy pink towel that smells like it has just been used to clean a v----a.

He gags, imagining Yaasmeen doing just that.
He walks stooped double to the bed, pushes a huge teddy bear to the floor, and quickly takes off his clothes.

Naked now, he lies on the bed.

Yaasmeen enters and closes the door.

She is wearing an incredible red negligee that accentuates her incredible buxom figure.

She pulls some strings in front of the nightdress and it parts, revealing her huge proud b-----s, plump figure and a very bushy genital growth.

She coils her long black hair on top of her head and covers it with a white spandex-like headgear.

She steps out of the negligee and approaches him, her face red with desire as she looks at his already erect member.


Oh, biiby Kuufi! I’m going to injoy thees veeery morch!

She falls on him and clamps hot lips on his.
He holds her and kisses her hard, pushing his tongue into her wet mouth and running his hands over her plump butt0ckz.

She is m0an!ng hard as she rears up and puts her huge b-----s on his face, pushing first one n----e and then the other into his mouth.

She grabs his furious rod and moves her hand up and down it.

Each movement sends shafts of indescribable pain through Kofi, making him gasp with terror.
She mistakes his m0ans of pain for passion, and she rubs harder.

Suddenly the passion is ebbing from Kofi’s body as the pain intensifies.

He reaches down, holds her wrists, and jerks his penis out of her hand as tears slowly fall down the sides of his face.


Oh, God, God, God! I’m going to die!!
With an effort he turns Yaasmeen over and kisses her throat, his hand going down to her bushy zone and his fingers expertly flicking her c------s.

She is so wet that it is as if some cream has been poured down there!


He can enter her and get some relief!
She is panting with desire, bucking her butt0ckz up to meet his probing fingers as his free hand tweaks her n-----s and rub her b-----s.

He bends and licks her taut n-----s, running his fingers expertly across her navel and flicking her wet c------s over and over.

He spreads her ample thighs and positions himself and begins to guide his erection towards the zone of delight.

Suddenly she bucks, pulling her butt0ckz away from his erection.


Wait, Kuufi, pliiis wait a mooment!
She pushes him on his back, and he thinks she is going to get on top of him and straddle him.
Some women prefer to be on top, and maybe she is one of them.

Kofi doesn’t care either way.

He just wants to be there so that the pain will stop!

But Yaasmeen does not straddle him.
She gets off the bed and marches to her wardrobe.

She pulls a lower drawer open and rummages in there, finally coming out with a [email protected]
It is a red [email protected] with a solid front, but a string for the back.

She quickly puts on the [email protected]

It covers her genitals completely, but when she turns round her butt0ckz is bare.

She approaches him and gets on top of him.

She kisses him deeply.

He m0ans with desire and tries to enter her.

She is almost crying with desire as she reaches across to the bedside table.

She pulls a drawer and takes out a kind of rubber container.

She opens the cap.

Kofi can see what is written on the blue covering of the cylindrical container.


Kofi’s eyes open wide with sudden confusion.
Yaasmeen scoops some of the jell and rubs it all over Kofi’s stiff member, covering it well.
Whatever is in it increases the pain in his penis and balls, and tears come to his eyes again.
Yaasmeen scoops more jell and leans forward and spreads it somewhere behind her.

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