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Added: Jul 05, 2018
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Password - Season 2 - Episode 22
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When Kofi got to the gate he reached through the bars and grabbed the large handle of the locking bar, which the security men had carelessly left unsecured with the padlocks.

Director Dovlo was still looking at the broad back of Baluu with incomprehension, and then he suddenly saw Kofi pulling the locking bar up.

Bobo Dovlo’s face paled, and sudden horror filled his eyes as it dawned on him that the gates had not been secured.

“Oh, no!” Director Dovlo whispered, and then he turned without a word and began to ran away.

“Oh no, you don’t, you lunatic!”
Kofi screamed and yanked up the bar.

The security men stared after the fleeing back of their boss with uncomprehending eyes until one of them saw what Kofi was doing and shouted.

the man said with terror. “He’s opened the gate, good grief!”

They took precious seconds to react as Kofi pulled the gate open and rushed out into the corridor.

There was a roar behind him as Baluu gained the corridor too in all his phenomenal fury and dangerous violence.

Kofi began to run after Bobo Dovlo.

There was absolute terror on the Director’s face as he glanced behind him and saw Kofi gaining on him.

Atakora raised his baton to strike, but Baluu grabbed his neck, lifted him clear off the floor and slammed him with such sickening brutality into the wall that blood rushed out through Atakora’s mouth instantly.

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