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Added: Jul 05, 2018
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Password - Season 2 - Episode 23
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Baluu flung him away like discarded doll, spun round and slammed a fist into the jaw of another security man who had beaten Kofi the fiercest. There was a faint crack as the man’s jaw dislocated and he slumped to the floor with fractious torture on his face.

The third security man was a huge hulking man, the one who had slammed a baton across Kofi’s mouth when he had tried to scream. He bent quickly and pulled out a wicked knife with serrated edges from his boot.

He flexed the knife at Baluu.

“Come on, you mad piece of cow dung!”
he hissed in a terrible show of bravado, but the sweat glistening on his face clearly betrayed how terrified he really was inside.

“Ei, no be small, you get the jaga-jaga knife!”
Baluu said with a dark frown on his face. “Baluu will take the jaga-jaga knife and knife you deeply in your thigh, ei no be small! I’ll take the knife and knife you in your thigh chuuk-chuuk!”

The Director had almost reached the end of the corridor when Kofi hurled himself at him, colliding solidly into the back of Director Dovlo, and both of them crashed to the ground.

The Director shrugged free and tried to stand up, but Kofi swung his right leg straight into the man’s g---n.

Director Dovlo screamed with pain as Kofi’s kick sent shards of torture through his testicles. He clamped one of his hands to his testicles and, his face screwed up with pain, he tried to crawl to the stairs.

Meanwhile the brawny guard leapt forward with his knife, intending to slash into Baluu’s stomach, but the giant jumped back with the litheness of a matador and unleashed a horrific right uppercut that almost tore off the man’s head!

The blow lifted the huge man off his feet and slammed him into the wall, and he collapsed to the floor with terror on his face. Baluu squatted, picked up the knife which had fallen to the floor, and then he began sticking it into the security man’s thigh.

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