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Password - Season 2 - Episode 6
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The other nurses took Kofi’s arm, and led him towards the doors.

Elsie Ansah hugged Maa Abena tightly.

“That was the bravest act I’ve ever seen, girl,”
she said gently. “God bless you, God bless you.”

“You craze, Abena?”
Nii Lin said with a giggle. “You almost made me s--t in my pants! I thought you were gonna be crushed by that imbecile!”

Maa Abena kept tossing on her bed.

The incident with Baluu just wouldn’t leave her, and she was having bad dreams about it. In the dream Baluu got up and clamped his huge hands on her neck and began squeezing, and she kept firing darts into his eyes but to no avail.

She came awake with a start, and lay in bed panting.

The luminous face of the bedside clock said it was two o’clock at dawn.

She got up and padded to the bathroom, and then she came back to the bed after a while. She switched on the bedside lamp, then took her Bible and read a few verses in Psalms, and then she prayed.

Her phone dinged softly, indicating a new message, as she put off the lamp.

She picked up the phone, and saw she had numerous WhatsApp chat messages.

She saw five messages from Ato Sey. He had sent them around midnight.


Aho)f3 Abena! Wada anaa?
Ei, won’t you mind me? I see you online oo!
Okay, it hasn’t checked blue lines yet, so you no see am. Or u just dey ignore me eh?
Anyway, how’re you?

How’s my bro faring? I’m so worried about him. That Director is a bad man. He refused to let me see K.K. PLEASE HELP HIM FOR MY SAKE, OKAY? HE’S SO INNOCENT.

Maa Abena sighed, and then she put on the bedside lamp again and sat up in bed.

She began to type:
Sorry, Ato. Was a bit tired yesterday so I went to bed early. Are you up yet?

The message checked one tick, double ticks, and then double blue as Ato came online.


Yes, Beautiful. Couldn’t sleep much. Had a harrowing experience. How be K.K?


He’s doing well, Ato. I’m just a bit worried for him, though. Nii tells me you guys go way back, and that he knows Kofi too.


Yeah, yeah. Long story. I think I need to be open with you to help K.K.


So what really went down with your friend?


Longest story, dearest. Call u now?


Please do.

She put off the lamp as his call came through instantly, and she snuggled under the sheets and fixed her earphones.

She picked the call, and for the next hour listened to the most horrific tale she had ever heard.

Ato told her everything, holding nothing back.

“That’s horrible!”
Maa Abena breathed at last, stunned. “I can’t believe this! Really?”

“Yes, dearest,”
Ato said sadly. “I went to Director Dovlo and told him everything. He seemed to believe me, and so I don’t understand why, suddenly, he’s making it seem like Kofi is mad.”
For a moment Maa Abena debated telling Ato about what had happened the previous day at the Asylum, but she decided against it.

“I think there’s more than meets the eye here,”
she said finally. “I’ll keep an eye out and my ear to the ground. I’ll let Miss Elsie also be aware. If what you’ve told me is true, then Kofi really needs help. I’ll keep you updated.”

“Thank you very much,”
Ato said gratefully. “Any chance of doing lunch sometime soon?”

“Well, I’ll see about that, Ato,”
she said gently. “My days are always booked solid, but I have an off day once a week. I’ll let you know.”

“Good, splendid,”
Ato said with a giggle. “You’ll make me the happiest man.”

“I see,”
Maa Abena said softly. “And Kofi’s girlfriend? Akweley, isn’t it? Have you heard anything from her? She hasn’t come to visit him yet.”

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