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Prisoner Of Love - Season 1 - Episode 4
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“MY ANSWER TO YOUR request is …” Then she paused again.

At this point, Tomiwa held his breath waiting for the bomb shell to drop off her mouth. ‘This is it!!!’ were the words dancing azonto in his head at that moment!

“I think …” She continued, “I … say … YES!”

Tomiwa heaved a sigh of relief. It was the kind of soothing relief experienced by someone whom a very big boil in his anus just burst letting out a thick yellowish pus. He almost jumped out of the window with excitement. However, the relief was short-lived by the time he heard her next words! His heart raced to his mouth and it began to pound heavily again.

“But …”

‘Ah! But again? This babe will commit murder today ooo! It’s like she has perfected the act of increasing one’s heartbeat exponentially!’ He thought. But he listened with all his attention focused on her.

She went on, “But … I don’t know if you will still stick to your decision by the time you hear what I’m about to tell you.”

“I’m all ears … please go ahead.” Tomiwa said becoming a little confused.

“Well … I … I … I don’t know how you will take this…. My last relationship was a disaster and I’m still yet to fully recover from the effects of the breakup…. Since it happened … I … I … have not been able to love any man till I met you and there is nothing I want more than being with you…. But sometimes I wonder: what of if I am not capable of loving the way I should again? What of if I become consumed by that feeling of irritation I used to feel against men? What of if I’m not able to reciprocate your love the way you deserve? I’m not sure you will want to go ahead with the relationship after knowing that the woman you love so much may not be capable of reciprocating your love the way you deserve even though she’s struggling hard to.” She said downcast.

Tomiwa got the picture. That explained why she was feeling so uneasy and the tension in her voice. He saw it in her eyes. She really loved and wanted him but down there was something else. He saw the fear … that feeling of doubt … and the struggle to supress it with all her willpower! Additionally, she was afraid of losing him!

Tomiwa decided to capitalize on this new piece of information. “Hmmm!!!” He sighed heavily. “I think after hearing this I may have to reconsider my steps …”

Those words dropped like a heavy blow on her face. Her heart sank immediately. With eyes widely opened but which could hardly see anything, she wondered how the world could be crashing on her so cruelly. Since the heartbreak of her last relationship about three years ago, she had completely shut her heart to love. Words like ‘love’, ‘affair’ and ‘relationship’ had since been erased from her dictionary. She had vowed never to have anything to do with any man ever again as far as a romantic relationship was concerned. She had consistently turned down several suitors during those three years and had had not a few quarrels with her family and well-meaning friends who wanted nothing more than for her to get out of her shell and move on with her life.

But all that had changed since she met Tomiwa. Tomiwa had somehow touched the right place in her heart. He had been able to reach the deepest part where no one had been able to reach since the inhumane heartbreak she suffered at the hands of Nemuel.

Tomiwa had brought her new hope … He was beginning to rewrite her love story. Though the fear and doubt crept on her once in a while, she believed she could overcome them and eventually crush them if Tomiwa gave her the chance and stood by her side. But all these were crashing to pieces before her very eyes! What would she do? She was completely lost and bitter!

Then, Tomiwa took another look at her. There she was sitting right next to him downcast and her shaky hands tucked between her laps. He lifted her head up, and by the time she looked up, her eyes were about to be betrayed by a stream of tears that was gradually gaining momentum while she was struggling hard to hold it back. Tomiwa smiled and said in calm penetrating voice, “Baby girl … by reconsidering, I mean I have decided to …” The tears were almost escaping. It was obvious that she was losing her grip on them.

“I have decided to … continue with the relationship nonetheless. I know you love me; I see it in your eyes and I also see the struggle within you. That is enough for me. I know you can do it and let me assure you that you are not doing this alone. We will do it together. I will be beside you each step of the way. I only ask for your faithfulness!”

At hearing that, she froze. It was either she wasn’t sure she heard him right or the sensory nerves of her brain were simply too slow in processing the information. By the time the information sank in, to say she was astounded was an understatement. She was extremely happy that she didn’t know whether to scream or laugh or simply jump at him and envelope him in a big hug. The feeling of joy was too much for her to know how exactly to express it. All she could do was to smile and shake her head slowly in admiration.

Tomiwa then continued, “Baby girl, you know what?”


“You are the best thing that has happened to me and I promise to make this relationship work and take good care of you no matter what. Do you know what today’s date is?”

“March 27.” She answered.

“Yes, March 27. That was the day my lovely mother was born and you know how painful it was when I lost her years ago. But today on the same day, God blessed me with another mother … YOU. I lost a mother and I found another one today. Thank you for saying, ‘Yes.’” She nodded in agreement beaming with a radiant smile that gave way to laughter. It was that her captivating smile again!

The tensed atmosphere in the car gave way to a soothing air of happiness and tranquillity. They enjoyed the remaining drinks. The Pepsi tasted far better than when she drank it earlier. It was as if the excitement and joy added another ingredient to it that made it taste better or perhaps, they awakened her taste buds in a remarkable way. They both opened up on their past relationships—the good, the bad and the ugly. There was no need to hide anything from each other now. The issue of genotype came up again and it was trashed out.

Finally, it was time to leave. So, they drove off playing a collection of Celine Dion’s love songs. This was no time for his usual Naija Gbedu. No, it was time only for love songs. He dropped her off and continued on his way home. As he drove home, he kept thinking about the event. What would have happened had she said no? Perhaps, he could have cried like a baby but he didn’t have to now. He would rather pop champagne!

When he got home he gave his younger brothers—Kunle and Wale who were anxiously waiting—the gist of all that went down. That night’s sleep was so peaceful and his mind wandered into dreamland where he became Romeo and Rachael, Juliet!

So, it was on that day that one of the most romantic and intriguing love stories in human history began to be written—a tale that even Romeo and Juliet would have begged to share in!

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