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Prisoner Of Love - Season 1 - Episode 5
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THE WHOLE COMPOUND AWOKE to Rachael’s rendition of Celine Dion’s Have You Ever Been in Love song. The song was coming out from the Jacksons’ kitchen. The beautiful song gently seeped through the kitchen door and filled the entire sitting room where Mrs Jackson and her eldest daughter, Abigail who had come for a visit, were discussing. It also found its way through the windows into the compound. The voice was so pleasant and captivating that one could have thought that the angels were at it again making sweet melodious tunes. Anyone hearing the song wouldn’t waste any time concluding that Celine Dion was one of the greatest singers the world had ever known!

But this time around, as lovely as the voice sounded, it wasn’t Celine Dion’s—it was Rachael’s voice singing the song happily from the kitchen as she prepared breakfast for the family. She sang as if no one was watching and as if she owned the song. She sang with so much depth and feeling that even Celine Dion herself would have marvelled at the dexterity with which she delivered the lines.

As she moved gracefully from one point to the other in the kitchen exhibiting her superlative cooking skills, everything about her—her pleasant voice, her radiant countenance, the gait with which she moved around—all pointed to one thing: HAPPINESS! No one would have had any difficulty telling that she was very happy; perhaps the happiest lady on earth that morning.

“Mummy, whose voice is it that I’m hearing?” Abigail asked.

“Your sister’s, Rachael’s, of course! These days she wakes everybody up with her love songs. She’s been so happy lately.” Mrs Jackson explained after which she paused a little, raised both hands towards the ceiling and continued, “Ah! I thank you so much ooo Almighty God that my daughter, Rachael, could find happiness again …” She then rested both hands on her chest, shook her head gently and continued, “Ah! I’m so happy for her.”

“Yes mummy, I am quite happy for her too ooo. Who could have thought that Rachael could be this lovely and happy after those three sorrowful years?”

“Whoever it is that has had this effect on her must be strong and special. May the blessings of the Almighty never depart from him for bringing my daughter out of the pit of sorrow and loneliness. He might not realise what he has done for me but he has made me the happiest mother on earth.” Then she moved closer to her daughter on the couch and whispered raising the brows of her prying eyes, “Has she told you who this magic boy is yet?”

Abigail couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

“Mummmmmy! Ah! Don’t be in a haste. She will tell you in due time.”

“That due time better not be long ooo. I can’t wait to meet the magic boy.” Mrs Jackson retorted with a chuckle and a wink at the same time.

Just then, Rachael came out of the kitchen to set the table in preparation for the food that was almost ready. She was so engrossed in the song that she didn’t realise that her mum and sister were discussing her. After arranging the table she went back to the kitchen to bring the food. As she turned to leave, Abigail who had been watching her every move with admiration noticed something and called her mother’s attention to it.

“Mummy, are you seeing what I’m seeing? Wow! Mummy, did you notice that Rachael has added some weight?”

“Yes ooo, Abigail. Is it only the weight gain you are seeing? Can’t you see that her beauty has started coming out more and more too? That is why I called that boy a magic boy!”

“Mum, I pretty agree with you. This boy must be magical indeed. The effect he has had on her in a short period of time is astronomical!” Abigail said and shaking her head in amazement she added, “Wow! Mummy, just look at her again … Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! She’s looking fresher, happier and adding weight where it matters.”

“You can say that again my dear, you know.” Mrs Jackson chipped in and they both laughed heartily.

A few minutes later, Mrs Jackson, Abigail, Rachael and their younger brother, Jerry, took their seats round the dining table to enjoy the delicious meal. Mrs Jackson who still couldn’t contain her surprise over the sudden turnaround she was seeing in her daughter kept starring at Rachael in admiration and appreciation to God. Just then Rachael raised her eyes and caught her mum’s penetrating gaze on her.

“Mum? What?” She questioned.

“What’s what?” Mrs Jackson countered feigning an innocent look.

“The look, mum!” Rachael persisted.

“What about the look?” Mrs Jackson snapped back defensively and asked sarcastically, “Since when did it become a crime to look at one’s daughter and admire her beauty?”

“Hmmm? Mummy, I know that look! It’s more than that of admiration.” She said grinning and gulped down some water from the glass cup in front of her. Both Abigail and Jerry looked on as the drama between the mother and daughter played before them.

“Okay then. You caught me there.” Mrs Jackson backed down. “I was just wondering when you are going to tell us about the magic boy.” She said rolling her eyes.

Rachael suddenly choked on the morsel that was in her mouth. She started coughing copiously and quickly covered her mouth with her palm trying to prevent the food in her mouth from splashing out. It was obvious she wasn’t expecting the question, at least, at that moment. Seeing what just happened, Jerry rolled his eyes mischievously and let out a sound, “Dehn-dehn-dehnnn!!!” as if to say, “Well, that is it!”

“Jerry, what?” Rachael who had recovered from the cough snapped at him.

“Nothing … just enjoying my food … that’s all.” Jerry said as innocently as possible.

“And mum, what magic boy?” Rachael continued her questioning as she turned to her mother.

“I mean the boy that did that to you.” Mrs Jackson replied pointing to her and drawing the curvy shape of a lady in the air with both hands, gracing the gesture with both a smile and a wink at the same time.

Rachael quickly stood up and looked at every part of her body carefully. She even turned her head to check out her backside for confirmation. Then she turned to Abigail and raised her brows quizzically as if to ask, “Is that true, Big Sister?”

Abigail smiled and cleared her throat. “Babe, mummy is quite right, you know …” She commented and added, “Ever since I got here, I’ve been looking at you and couldn’t help but notice how radiant you are looking and how you’ve been adding weight where it matters … you know what I am saying. What is more? That love song you were …”

Rachael quickly cut in, “Oh, you heard that too?”

Abigail laughed. “Come on, everybody heard that; even neighbours three blocks away must have heard it too.”

Rachael who was now visibly shy responded, “Oh-oh, I didn’t know I was that loud.” Abigail and Mrs Jackson looked at each other and burst into a resounding laughter.

“Dehn-dehn-dehnnn!!!” Went Jerry again.

“Jerrrrrrry!” Rachael shouted.

Jerry quickly dropped his fork and threw both hands high up into the air like someone who had just been ordered to freeze by a policeman at gun point. He said, “Nothing … Just…” With that gesture, everyone including Rachael burst into a loud laughter.

“Naughty boy!” Rachael managed to say amidst the laughter.

At that time, Rachael’s phone started ringing. All eyes became fixed on her. She picked up the phone and seeing the name of the caller on the screen, her eyes lit up resulting into an adorable grin that extended from ear to ear. She quickly stood up and excused herself.

“MAGIC BOY?” Mrs Jackson and Abigail blurted in one accord, casting an inquisitive look on her. Jerry on the other hand just rolled his eyes and let out, “Dehn-dehn-dehnnn!!!”

Rachael didn’t allow herself to be distracted by the drama. She just turned her head laughing and said, “You people are not serious!” as she swaggered out of the dining hall going as far as possible from the prying eyes of Mrs Jackson, Abigail and the mischievous Jerry.

Everybody had actually finished eating by then. With Rachael busy with her phone call, Jerry helped clear the table and Abigail got up to attend to her phone which was now ringing also.

Left alone at the table, Mrs Jackson looked on as her children left in different directions. Her face shone with satisfaction and thankfulness to her Creator. She was especially thankful that Rachael had eventually gotten out of the hole of loneliness she hid herself after three horrific years. She remembered vividly how those three years had been excruciatingly tough for Rachael and how the heartbreak that lead to those sorrowful years began .…

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