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Prisoner Of Love - Season 1 - Episode 8
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IT HAD BEEN THREE months since Tomiwa and Rachael started going out and everyone in Rachael’s home could not cease talking about the tremendous transformation in her occasioned by the emergence of Tomiwa in her world. With each passing day, the effect became more pronounced. The once moody and withdrawn Rachael had suddenly become full of spirit and vibrant. Her radiance and charming beauty were becoming more noticeable. Many of her relatives still found it difficult to believe that some guy had been able to touch her in such an unfathomable way and single-handedly pulled her out of the prison hole of loneliness she had plunged herself into after her experience with Nemuel despite the several deliberate efforts by them to get her out of her shell without success.

Over the years, not less than twenty suitors had tried hard wooing her but to no avail. Family members and well-meaning friends had on different occasions orchestrated what appeared to be chance meetings with several potential lovers but it was as if she was determined never to open the sealed door of her heart to love and perhaps had thrown the key into the Mediterranean Sea. Nemuel had really broken her in ways one could not imagine for her to had maintained such a rigid stance on love especially when many of her suitors were doing exceptionally well in all ramifications of life.

One of such suitors was Amadi who became so smitten by her indisputable beauty that he literally became a relentless pest on her. Such was her beauty that it was still obvious despite the sinister plot of her troubled countenance to conceal it. Amadi wasn’t going to take a no for an answer and, was determined to win her over. He, however, allowed the determination to get the better of him till he started constituting a nuisance in the house of the Jacksons. He soon became desperate to the point of pestering her mum and siblings to help him persuade Rachael to give him a chance—an act that only worsened his chance because it only made Rachael more crossed with him. To her, he lacked the maturity she wanted in a man had she even decided to give love a second chance.

So, it was understandable that her people were caught in the wonderment of how one simple guy could pull off such a tremendous feat with far-reaching effects on her. ‘Who really is this boy?’ was a constant thought in their bewildered minds. How on earth he was able to do it remained more like a mystery to them. Tomiwa soon became a talking point in her family and even though many of them had not met him in person, he was already the golden boy everyone was eager to meet. He had become so fondly loved by all.

With time, Tomiwa started meeting her family members, one after the other. Such visits deepened their admiration for him and made all conclude that the two of them were going to make a perfect couple. They were compatible in almost all areas and the chemistry between them left no doubt that they were created for each other. Each visit made him more accepted by her family members. He was a respectful, loving and charming young man with a charisma that drew people naturally to him like the force of gravity and Rachael’s family was no exception. All these made getting their approval and acceptance a piece of cake. At the end of each visit, Rachael always beamed with unparalleled joy and fulfilment. This was because of the praises usually showered on her for the acumen she displayed in her choice of Tomiwa. It had a way of making her feel on top of the world, giving her a deeply-seated satisfaction and a confirmation of some sort that she had not faltered in her choice. These added to the magical effect the relationship was already having on her.

As time went by, their love story became second to none, and that of Romeo and Juliet faded into oblivion in comparison to theirs. It was a story of absolute trust, undying love, and heart-touching sacrifices. They were the perfect couple many others wanted to model their relationships after. They wouldn’t miss any opportunity of being together and sending each other cards and gifts. The connection between the two of them was so strong that they knew each other too well. She could feel his presence in a place even when he was meters away and she had not caught the slightest glimpse of him. He, on the other hand, could perceive her mood and easily detect the slightest changes to it. He could sense if anything was wrong with her by merely hearing the first two words leaving her mouth even in conversations over the phone, and when it was not too obvious. It was safe to say that they were madly in love and that their love was more than the intoxication of an age-long vintage wine!

As the love for each other deepened, Rachael also started meeting Tomiwa’s family and everyone of them instantly loved her without bounds. His friends and colleagues also became acquainted with her, though many of them had not seen her in person. Whenever he showed her pictures to them, they usually went “Wow!”
The emotional attachment they had for each other usually gave them a feeling they could hardly comprehend or find the appropriate set of words to describe. They often felt like they were in another world—a land of tranquillity and unimaginable splendour; a Utopia—wallowing in the soothing sound of sweet melodies. Yes, sweet melodies that were an irresistible blend of the wind, stringed and percussion instruments laced with vocal renditions that seemed like a glorious musical concert being performed by angels. The more they felt drowned in that ocean of fascinating melodious tunes, the more they felt they were flying high in the sky on the wings of an angel enjoying the wonderful feel of cloud and the soothing breeze of the midnight sky. It was the feeling of being lost in a land of fairy tales—yes, the land of El-Dorado!

It was feelings like this that often brought out his writing skills and most time he put these into words in form of poems which he sent to her as gifts. One particular Friday evening, he wandered into El-Dorado again. So, he picked up his pen and decided to write her another poem. He wrote the poem with the letters of her name starting each stanza. He titled the poem, ‘RACHAEL’. He sent it to her email and put a call across to her.

“Hello, Handsome.” She answered the call after the third ring.

“Hello, Beautiful.” He responded promptly, “I just sent you a poem. It should be in your inbox by now. I want you to know that it describes exactly the way I feel about you. No flattery intended.”

“Oh, Really? Lemme go check immediately, love.” She replied excitedly as she hung up the phone. She quickly logged on to her email account. Immediately she opened the mail, she was greeted by the title of the poem, ‘RACHAEL’. “Ooooh, my God!” She almost screamed. Her eyes lit up in excitement and satisfaction as she read on with all her attention …


R achael, the desirable one,
Why have you treated me this way?
What wrong have I committed that you have chosen to hold me captive?
For my heart, you have completely stolen away.
And my vigour you have successfully drained like the water of a dried up well in the desert region.
Lo! I now have no more strength to resist the subtle attraction of your beauty.
Mighty, strong and powerful I thought I was.
But, oh, Rachael like dynamite you rendered me soft, weak and helpless with the power of your disarming beauty!

A h! What can I call this action of yours?
Is it enslavement or imprisonment; cruelty or brutality?
No! I think it is simply a display of boundless love and affection.
I will forever bless the day you found me because from the claws of loneliness you delivered me.
And from drowning in the ocean of solitude you rescued me!

C learly, unfettered love is what I have for you.
And like a precious gift, your companionship I greatly cherish.
Your love is sweeter than honey and like salt, it has seasoned my life.
Loveable one, please from the elixir of your love make me drink.
And in the luxury of your beauty, let my soul do find endearment.
With the wine of your loving care, oh, quench my thirst.
But in the deprivation of your companionship, please do not let me languish!

H oney, all the days of my life I will give thanks to Jehovah for creating you.
And to time indefinite, I shall praise the Almighty for letting me meet you.
Awesome beauty is what he has blessed you with.
The wreath of attraction, he has crowned your head with.
And with the ornament of graciousness, He adored you!

A las! In the land of beauty, you are definitely the queen.
Oh, queen, from the magnificent empire of your love please do not banish me.
Rather, in the fortress of your love let me take refuge.
And in the confines of your heart, please let me find comfort.
Then the abundance of joy is what I shall sweeten your heart with!

E ven though I might not be the finest boy in the world.
And I might not be the richest boy on the surface of the earth.
True, I might not even drive the biggest car but know this: Unfathomable love I have deposited in my treasury.
And on you, I won’t hesitate to squander it.
For like the roots of a massive tree your love is deeply rooted in my heart!

L ove, happiness, laughter, satisfaction and tender care are what I shall give you in exchange for your love.
Deprive me of food and it may take a hundred years for me to die.
Stab me with a knife and it may take half a century for me to give up.
Shoot me with a gun and I may manage to survive.
But deprive me of your love, oh, Rachael…
And I may not live to see the next minute!

On reading the poem, Rachael placed her hands on her chest, closed her eyes and allowed herself to drift momentarily into Utopia. Tears softly rolled down her eyes. No, these were not the tears of sadness but tears of joy! She remained still in that position thinking deeply of how fortunate she was to find Tomiwa. She thanked God for giving her the strength to give love a second chance. But come to think of it. How couldn’t she have given Tomiwa a chance? He was simply irresistible the first time she walked up to him to strike the conversation that formed the foundation of their captivating love story.

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