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Renegade Love, A Story Of Love, Fear, Secrets, Lies, Hurts And Forgiveness - Season 1 - Episode 1
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The night dragged on, endless. Rachel and Audra crouched beneath their wagon, knees pulled tightly into their chests and boxes, but all they could detect inthe shadowed distance were warped images of scrubby trees and the more fearsome silhuoettes of cacti, whose sprawling branches resembled arms and legs with flowers that, reflecting the moonlight, might have passed as feathered headdresses.

The prisoners_ clyde, pete and pedro were shackled to the freight wagon. Throughout the wait clyde took great pleasure in taunting the listeners with tales so horrible that women and children could be heard crying throughtout the camp

”hells a holiday compared to what them injuns are gonna do to ya when the gitcha! Clyde cupped his hands around his mouth and called out, they stake ya to the ground and cut off your eyelids so the sun bakes your eyeballs out of their sockets! They’s each gonna have their way with your women folk…. And there’s probably two hundred of them!”

Sam materialized from the darkness and kicked clyde in the ribs.

The hour was mid night before Davis rejoined Rachel and Audra. Walking casually around the idle cattle, he crawled into the confined space beneath their wagon,lay down between them, then gave a shove to one of the crates offering them protection, allowing a draft of cool air to eddy into the crude stiffling hospice.

” you can relax ladies”
he told them.
Rachel stole a look at him under her lashes. He was without his shirt. His skin, reflecting the dim glow of a distant campfire, was slick and moist. It was becoming easier to understand why her body was betraying her. There was no denying kid Davis was physically magnificent.

She suddenly noticed that the heavy menacles were abrading his skin, leaving angry red burns on his wrist. Without a second thought she reached for her petticoats, tore two long strips from the hem and, offering them with slightly shaking hands stated: ”it may help mr. Davis” when he made no move to accept her offer, she reached for his wrists gently tucked the ribbons of material between his skin and the irons.

Rachel is a beautiful young lady who comes from a rich family, with all the riches she could acquired, until her step mother Audra killed her parents, leaving her alone. Rachel falls for a man named Davis who is a prisoner and whose offence and real identity is unknown. Will she make it in this game called love? After all love is a game,its just like gambling. Will she quits falling for him or will she take all the risk.?????????….

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