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Renegade Love, A Story Of Love, Fear, Secrets, Lies, Hurts And Forgiveness - Season 1 - Episode 11
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Jeromia was gone. Deputy rogers was killed trying to rescue a child that was being carried away by the deadly current. The body of the deceased were being buried.

Davis hunch and miserable beneath a makeshift tent watch the mourners plod their way through the mud for the grave side. Deputy Hale his felt hat pulled below his eyebrows dozed as water ran in a silver rivet over the brim and pattered on the front of his brown slicker. Davis watched as the barrel of the lawman’s rifle dropped toward the ground then he looked toward Sam.

Clyde Shifted closer and whispered. “we could do it now you know. That deputy wore out from watching us all night…… We could strike now and escape”

Davis closed his eyes. The image of Rachel’s face wet with rain and mud all over her face, came back to haunt him. He hadn’t spoken with he since he fished her out of the river. He wouldn’t let himself get that close again. She had already weaken him, put futile thoughts in his head of how life will be if he settled down with her right this minutes, just forget his reasons for being here. Turn his back on all and walked away. But then he would be running again and is this running that he is tired of, he wanted all the mistakes behind him so he can start new. Maybe take what little money he saved and buy some lands buy cows and settle. But there were those damnable obligations hanging over his head as dreary and black as the god forsaken rain clouds over head.

By dusk the rain has stopped unlike the others Rachel didn’t bother to look for fire wood.

She sat down in her wagon her knees inches from the candle she lit on the candlestick. She kept reading the book of genesis all over again and try to memorized it but the words didn’t come it kept getting mixed with Davis face on the mud. And Sam standing over him blinking in the rain and She heard him say. ” God, forgive me Alex.”

so Sam too believed Davis was Tomas de bastitats. Perhaps that is why he took such interest in Davis welfare. He often freed him cos he believed Tomas might change. But after what happen between Davis and Martin stillwell, he was being chained again like an animal to the train.

She had a decision to make, Martin had approached her again about marriage.

After speaking with homer he discovered the wagon master could arrange the ceremony. If they so desired but did she desire? Why not? She had no ties other than her step mother audra’s disappointments over Rachel surviving the current of the water was being noticed by everyone. Rachel had realise ago that her step mother hated her,but the thought of wanting her dead……………….

Shivering Rachel tugged her shawl more closely about her shoulders looking at the flame. She thought about a woman who once looked into the flame to tell her future.

She looked but she could only see Davis face, taunting,laughing,smirking,cursing. She closed her eyes

should she marry Martin?

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