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Renegade Love, A Story Of Love, Fear, Secrets, Lies, Hurts And Forgiveness - Season 1 - Episode 12
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Sometime just after midnight as Rachel slept. Audra came aboard smelling whiskey and a man’s cheap perfume, she trod on Rachel feet as she stumbled into her bed. She slurred insult on Rachel for no reason. Finally when she could take no more of the woman’s incoherent babblings, Rachel fumbled in the dark for her dress and her slippers and left the wagon.

She marched directly to Martin’s tent.

Taking a deep breath, she whispered loudly “Martin” she heard him grunt and shuffle as he came to his senses. ”Martin,its Rachel i must speak with you……”

she looked away as he staggered through the opening, his white nightshirt making his thin shin as appealing as a bandy roster’s she swallowed back her strange sense of disappointment over Martin’s attire and said. ” i should like to talk with you privatel, might we take a short walk?”

“must be after midnight, covering a yawn with the back of his hand, he asked can’t this wait till morning?”

she shook her head. “its now or never, i think. If i don’t speak with you immediately, i fear i will surely change my mind.”

grumbling, he ducked back inside his tent, emerging again in trousers supported by suspenders and his night shirt tucked into it all.Hopping up and down on one foot, he pulled on one boot, then the other before trailing behind her like an obedient pup.

She proceeded beyond the circle of wagons just where the dark was heaviest.

As she paused to wait for Martin, however angry voices brought her attention around to the upthrust of rock near the river bed, where Sam and deputy Hale were camped with their prisoners.

Running to catch up, Martin demanded, “what is this about Rachel and where are you going”

throwing him a telling glance she shook her head and tiptoed toward the river.

The glowing embers of the camp fire cast elongated shadows across the ground and nearby trees. Within the dancing shadows she could see saddled horses: Sam, Hale, the prisoner and Homer’s leaning against the ledge of white, jagged rock. Rachel attempted to distinguish among the moving figures in the distance. Someone was crouched in the foliage of a bush, his hands and feet bound. Someone else Sam, she suddenly realized lay flat on the ground, face up and over hi, pointing the long barrel of a gun in his whisker face was. . . . Davis!

Then with no warning sound a hand came from nowhere wrapping around Rachel’s mouth, lifting her from her feet and up against a sweating,heaving chest. Shoving a gun into her ribs, clyde sneered in her ear, “one peep out of ya, darling and the top of yore sweet heart head will be found somewhere in the river.”

straining around, she stared with wide us at the gun Pedro was pointing at Martin’s head. Then clyde,dragging her into the camp called out quietl. “Davis we got company”

Davis froze at the sight of Rachel struggling in clyde’s arms. Looking down again at Sam, he spat, “dammit!”

Sam said, “i reckon this is gonna complicate matters a mit. You might wanna reconsider”

“too late old man, i’ve come too far. Its now or never and we both know it..”

“but the girl__”

“___is coming with us,”
clyde intruded.
Rachel stared at Davis as if he had sprouted two horns and a pointed tail. Her look, no longer surprised or even frightened was resigned and angry. He could almost read her thought, he always could.: she was feeling like a fool because she trusted him, because she allowed herself to be convinced that there was somethin worth salvaging in that shell of a heart of his. Still, she paled and drew back as he rose to face her,rotated and the vulnerability on her face. The very same vulnerability that had attracted him to her in the first place kicked out at his conscience so forcefully he felt winded.

Walking slowly to her,rotated his gun at his side. He asked, “what the hell are you doing out here with him?” he flicked the barrel of his pistol toward Martin as he stopped before her.

She didn’t respond, just glared at him with those violet eyes full of loathing and regret.
He looked then at Martin and felt his blood rise. “now just what the hell am i going to do with you?.”

” i say we take him too, two hostages are better than one”
clyde said.

” no!”
it was Martin, his face as white as his nightshirt, he stumbled toward Davis went down on his knees and pleaded. ” for the love of God, Davis don’t do this. I’m a young man i will give u money if u just let me go. You don’t need me you have Rachel!

The silent seemed almost palpable about them.Rachel head jammed against clyde’s chest, managed a furious gasp behind the outlaw fingers.

Looking back at Martin, Davis asked “how much is your freedom worth?”

“i have two thousand in my wagon.”

“where in your wagon”

closing his eyes he said, “beneath the China is a false floor its hidden there.”

Pete disappeared into the darkness and came back with the money, Martin was told to crawl back to his wagon.

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