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Renegade Love, A Story Of Love, Fear, Secrets, Lies, Hurts And Forgiveness - Season 1 - Episode 14
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After eight hours of travelling Rachel too exhausted even to notice when clyde had pulled up his horse, barely managed to lift her head and look out over the endless expanse of Texas ballads before her. Forced to ride with clyde the entire time, she had extended his strength in fighting off his pawing hands the first grueling hours of their journey , now she rested limply against his sweating and stinking body and tried to ignore his assaults on her in person. As he ran his hands again into her blouse and sq££zed her b----t. She closed her eyes and shuddered with revulsion.

“you want a drink or not?”
came Davis voice

rolling her head against clyde’s shoulder she stared into his dark set face and cold eyes. “i would rather die than drink after you, infact doing so would probably kill me, you are poison.” she stiffened as clyde chuckled behind her.

“seems to me she has changed her mind about you Davis”
clyde said.

“so it seems.”
taking his eyes from Rachel Davis lifted the canteen to his lips and drank deeply, allowing the clear, cool water run out the corners of his mouth. Wiping his chin and mouth with the back of his hand.

Davis stared out over the flat ballads toward Mexico. Concentrating on that and not on the hand clyde was running in and out of Rachel’s blouse, it kept him from blowing the man off his horse the time being.

“we should make fort Clark by nightfall,” he said positioning his hat lower over his eyes,she he shifted in his saddle. “we will rest over a few hours before pushing on.”

“you are crazy!”bracketville is waiting to hang us kid.”
clyde said,his eyes bulging stared at Davis.

“i’m not asking you to go parading through bracketville, but that old fort outside of town will give us shelter from that “
he pointed to the dark clouds building again to the north. ”if we are lucky the rain will wipe out our tracks beside that old man sure as hell wouldn’t expect us to be sleeping outside the town that wants to hang us.

clyde came back grudging.

That will give me enough time to do what i’ve been itching to do since san antone.”
shrinking from clydes implication Rachel looked desperately toward Davis. Dear God was he so inhumane that he would allow the animal behind her to continue what he was doing?apparently so he had done nothing so far to stop clyde’s mistreatment. The idea that she had thought at one time that Davis felt something for her. She thought again of begging for Davis mercy but the idea appealed her. He would no doubt swirl and drawl out some sarcasm that would further humiliate her.
Her b----t were sore the back of her neck and the sides of her face were awarded by clyde’s beard stubble. But that discomfort paled in comparison to the terror that welled up inside her each time he taunted her with threats of what was to come, still she didn’t show it no matter that her heard was pounding out of control and she grew nauseated with dread. She wouldn’t show it, she wouldn’t give Davis that satisfaction!.

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