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Renegade Love, A Story Of Love, Fear, Secrets, Lies, Hurts And Forgiveness - Season 1 - Episode 17
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“you got to be kidding me kid. She deserve a good licking after what she has done.”
clyde said.

Davis shifted his weight from one leg to the other. His right hand dropped toward his gun. “get off her.”
clyde cursed.

“you’ve had all the fun with her you’re going to have so back off”
the said,

“maybe i don’t wanna.”
clyde said
“then maybe you’ll die”
Davis threatened
clyde’s short sharp laughter was incredulous. Backing off Rachel and standing up straight he said, you might be good kid, but you ain’t no match for me i am the best in Texas or ain’t you heard?”

“I ain’t , he mocked him. You know what they say, lindsey there is always someone out there who is better.”
Davis said

“and you figure you are the person”
clyde said.

“one more move toward miss Gregory and you are liable to find out……”

Rachel looked from Davis to clyde. Davis neither moved nor blinked. His hand rested slightly relaxed near the butt of his pearl handled gun. An odd silence surrounded them…… Even the earlier whirling of insects and distant tweah tweah tweah twesy of the golden cheeked warbler could no longer be heard. The entire world appeared to be holding its breath in anticipation of Davis and clyde’s moves.

“is she worth getting yourself killed over clyde?”
Davis asked.

Pete and Pedro shuffled backward toward the horses,

“i might ask you the same kid,”
came the response. Then faster than Rachel could blink, clyde’s hand swept downwards to his gun but before clyde could clearleather, Davis had drawn aimed and was poised knees slightly bent in preparation for firing.

Pedro sq££zed his eyes closed in disbelief.

“i will ask you again lindsey, is she worth dying over.” the cold fury in Davis voice and dangerous, threaten looks in his eyes cut the heavy air like a double edged knife.
Clydes Adam apple bobbed in his scrawny throat as he dropped his hands and shuffled his feet. “nah kid you didn’t take me serious did you? Gawd who would want some body that puny anyhow she ain’t got enough titus to interest a hungry baby. Go on, you take her if you want. No skin off ma nose.

Rachel dazed beyond rational thought, wondering whether this entire occurrence could be anything but a night mare watch in disbelief as Davis approach her with that catlike walk she had come to recognized. His close fitting black pants and knee high black boots were dusty. The leather belt and the holster tied snugly against his right thigh exaggerated the slimness of his hips. His chambray shirt was wet through with sweat and his unshaven jaw was as dark as the hair tumbling over his brow to his ice blue eyes.[b]
“get up Rachel”

his voice held a warning not e that made her grow cold with fear. He was so different from the man she’d grown fond of since leaving San Antonio. How could she ever believe that there was any semblance of goodness in him?.

“what are you going to do to me?”

he didn’t respond just offered her an insolent smile and repeated “get up”.

She did so with much dignity as possible and followed him to his horse.

Upon reaching his horse he lifted he canteen of water from his saddle horn. He then turn to her so suddenly that she gasped. His left hand came at her and before she could stumble away. He grabbed her hair and kissed her brutally. Ravaging her blisters mouth so forcefully that she feared she might faint.

Then he t----t her away so suddenly she could think of nothing more than to regain her balance before she falls.

Clyde and Pedro’s guffawing fanned the desperate anger she felt toward Davis in that moment. Throwing her head back defiantly she hissed through her teeth. “b-----d! You filthy stinking__”

the savage look in his eyes stop her cold. His mouth twisted in a way that dared her to Continue.

“you were saying?”
he taunted
wisely she kept her mouth shut. Davis stepped toward her again and though she anticipated some sort of retaliation for her remark. But he only gave her water to drink.

She gulped down the water, that Davis said. “steady you will kill yourself”.
“so what! The words were thick in contempt. It will server you the bother of doing it yourself.”

his face hardened his eyes narrowed. Davis turned for his horse and mounted looking down from his lofty perch he held out his hands and offered the stirrup for her support. Oh how much pains he must have caused her. He thought.

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