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Renegade Love, A Story Of Love, Fear, Secrets, Lies, Hurts And Forgiveness - Season 1 - Episode 18
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The group rode for hours in silence toward the hazy blue hills in the distance forced by necessity since the country side was thick with misquite cactus and ceniza to plod along slowly to zigzag back and forth through the bush so as to avoid leaving a definable trail for Sam wells to follow. When Rachel mumbling to herself mentioned she could hardly believe anyone could follow a trail through such dense terrain Davis said. “that old man could eventually pick up a trail blindfolded.”

the rain hit long before dusk unlike the storm that had come close to destroying the wagon train this downpour was steady but gentle washing the sweat and grime from Rachel’s face as she pressed her cheek against Davis spine

“why were you out there with Martin?”
came Davis quiet voice over his shoulders.

She thought of lying the reconsidered. “i was planning to accept his marriage proposal”

he went a long moment before responding. “then seems you don’t have a very good judgment with men.”

she countered. His shoulders came back slightly: he had taken her point.

They rode on, hour after endless hour. The others traveled beside them at no time did Davis allow them to ride at his back. Dusk was only minutes old when they finally arrive at the fort Clark. The black shapes of the deserted officers officers quarters and enlisted men’s barracks suddenly loomed at them from the growing darkness.

Clyde, Pete and Pedro rode their horses into the gaping rear door of the commissary. Clyde hesitated looked back at Davis and grinned that same fiendish smirk that caused Rachel’s skin to crawl. “enjoy yourself Davis,” he said.

Davis rode on not minding him just ipod the hill to what Rachel surmised must have been the living quarters for the married soldiers she stared at the crude hackal whose vertical timbers jutting from the ground supported a slanted roof of questionable reliability.

Its glasses windows were boarded.

The porch sagged. With the air having been washed fresh by the rain and with the lights from the distant town of bracketville twinkling in the encroaching darkness the scene might have been serene but the turmoil inside her made Rachel weak with trepidation.

Shoving back the lush green madeira vines cascading from the porch roof to the ground. Davis nudged Rachel through the open front door she stood inside the room, which smelled of damp earth and Rot and thought of home. Never had she missed belle Helene as much as she did at that moment.

Davis walked by her deeper into the shadowed interior, leaving Rachel free to move about as she wanted turning toward the door she stood half in half out of the house and stared at the blurred image wistfully high weeds, shrubs and cactus as far as she could see toward the horizon how beautiful they look. She stood the and once imagined herself as the wife of a soldier at home waiting for the return of her beloved. Odd that her thoughts always came back to the same things: security and love and. . . Davis. Despite it all fool. Silly, stupid little fool!

With a scratch of a match, Davis set the twigs of mesquite inside the hearth on fire. Drawn closer to the warmth Rachel left the door fully aware that Davis watched her she stood in a box shaped house its one room divided in two by the fire place. They stood in silence he across the room and she shivering before a fire. Somehow its heat could not find its way inside her skin to warm her. She had decided long ago that what ever he did to her she would deal with it bravely as she had dealt with her fathers dead, the loss of her home and the ten years with Audra at least she thought, there was no more Audra. She refused to watch as he crossed the Room to the door but eventually compelled by his silence, she glanced his way. He stood with the light from the fire playing in red and gold hues across the door frame. It was as if he had forgotten her presence. Was there anyway at all to escape?
Rachel no try am ooo, Davis will still look for you

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