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Renegade Love, A Story Of Love, Fear, Secrets, Lies, Hurts And Forgiveness - Season 1 - Episode 2
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Rachel and Davis stared down at the long fingered white hand Audra maneuvered on Davis chest, Rachel felt her face go hot, Davis only grinned as they waited for the fights to begun, the fight btw the rangers and the indians.

He looked back at Rachel, the corners of her mouth were drooping. Her eyes like dark oval buttoned in her pale face,seemed vacant somehow as she stared at Audra’s hand. There was no misinterpreting Mrs. Gregorys attentions. That was no coy brush of her fingers upon his chest… The lady wanted him as much as he wanted……..

The attack never came and by dawn tho the travelers were weary from lack of sleep. the train moved forward anxious to put as much distance between them and the strangely complaisant indians as possible. Homer one of the deputy informed them that with luck and no more breakdown they will make D’Hanis by dark. Tho it was only a tiny settlement, there was a trading post, fresh water wells and a saloon.

Rachel slept in the back of the wagon till the mid day: she awoke to the lucious aroma of frying bacon and sam’s good natured way of singing.

Bacon in the pan
coffee in the pot
get up and git it
git it while its hot!

Dressing quickly and quietly so as not to disturb Audra, Rachel joined sam soon discovering that Davis was eating with the others beneath the distant chappral tree. Noting her suprise and apparent dissapointment, sam t----t a plate of bacon and skillet baked biscuit in her hands and said.

”Kid Davis woke up a bit on the testy side this morning, darlin and decline my invitation to eat.
Without responding she plopped down on a crate and began nibbling on the hot bread.

” we got some of mr stillwells honey”he said

”no thank you”
she replied
will he hang in El paso, she asked the old ranger refering to Davis.

He hunched his shoulders and tried to swallow
” did he murder someone in cold blood, sam did he? And those werent the only crime he committed, are they? He told me himself that by the time he was nineteen he had a growing reputation with a gun. He hates himself for it. Sam i know he does. If he was only given another chance i honestly believe he would do things differently. If he only had someone to show a little faith in him, you know believe in his worth that he might believe in himself. Did you know he married a prostitute bcos he thought no one else will marry him? She said.

Honey dropped from the corner of sam mouth into his beard as he frowned.

I believe in Davis she continued, he can change but he is just too stubborn to see it. I’ve asked myself if Davis is tomas de bastitas then why will he deny it. There must be some ways to make him confess that he is a bastitas. What do you think sam?”

Sam swallowed hard on his biscuit and said. I’m thinking u have been doing some considering than sleeping miss Rachel.”

but he could change sam i know it.

Sam shook his head and said. ”lord have mercy on u gal, i think u should get back to bed and sleep.”

but you said…

”I know what i said miss, there is no where of knowing, if Davis is tomas de bastitas unless he confess. You think a man like Davis is always cream sweet as he is behaving?….Darling
kid Davis is a living, breathing example of a man killer. We rangers learn early on what to look for in them sapluckers. Cos the most dangerous one is all alike. Like Davis.”

Setting her chin, she said stubbornly, ” i don’t believe it, i won’t believe he is beyond redemption. And i will not give up the motion that He is a bastitas until he convinces me otherwise.

He studied her fingers resting lightly on his arms, they trailed off slowly away, reluctantly burying them in the folds of her dress.

Then Audra broke the spell by asking.

”when will those damnables indians attack Davis? I’m not certain i can tolerate another hour of this suspense.”

”with anyluck they won’t be back.. He responded, Homer and sam are out parleying with them now.”

you mean we are safe? Audra asked.
Rachel and Davis stared down at the long fingered white hand Audra had manuevered on his chest. Rachel felt her face go hot. Davis only grinned.

”oh i think we are safe now, he said in a rougher voice, its only a small scouting party: they know they are no match for us. But there is enough men to make themselves a nuisance, if they decide to stay around awhile.”

”what shall we do? Leaning slightly closer to his face, Audra feigned a slight disconcerted pout. What ever do these painted creatures wants from us, Mr. Davis?”

”whiskey, more and likely some tobacco. There’s plenty in the freighter. We will give them what they want and go on our way.”

”its as easy as that?”
Audra full lips turned up in so sultry a way Rachel almost choked.

”maybe, maybe not. Depends on how far away from home they are. It might take them days to get back to the tribe. If that’s the case we’re safe……for now.

He looked back at Rachel. The corners of her mouth were drooping her eyes, like dark oval buttons on her pale face seemed vacants somehow as she stared at Audra’s hand. There was no misinterpreting mrs. Gregory intentions. That was no coy brush of her fingers on his chest. The lady wanted him as much as he………

Without excusing himself he rolled out from under the wagon and made for the freighter. Deputy Hale, his sharp resting across his knee, eyed him speculatively from his perch beside the wagon.

Dropping the ground Davis leaned against the wagons wheel and stared back at Rachels wagon. Clyde, grown weary of harassing the travellers, joined him and asked.

[b] ”been entertaining the ladies, have ya?seems to me that old ma wells seems to let you gettaway with a helluva lot.”

Davis answered.

”we will be making D’Hanis in a day or so
(stretching out beside Davis and leaning on one elbow) you are up to something Davis and i want in on it.

”don’t u know what you mean lindsey
(clyde lindsey)

”The hell you don’t. I seen the way you been p**syfooting around that old man. Kissing up to him and playing like a wet nose school boy who will piss himself if somebody pointed a gun at him. From what i hear the ain’t somebody in these states that could outdraw you. Ranger or not,so me and the others are figuring your just playing at getting in that old man’s good books so you can catch him unawares.”

Davis laughed at tha one.

Clydes feature clouded as jutting his face nearer Davis ear, he hissed ”if you are looking to jump i will jump with you.”

Waiting a long moment before responding. He finally asked ” and what will i get out of it?

”Money more more and freedom. You can work for Duncan and Cortinas in mexico. They believe in rewarding men for a job well done.”
clyde lindsey said.

Sliding Davis lay flat on the ground, pillowed his head and stared at the stars. Then he said i’ll think about it.

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