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Renegade Love, A Story Of Love, Fear, Secrets, Lies, Hurts And Forgiveness - Season 1 - Episode 20
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Davis said “you don’t know the kind of fear that makes a boy plead on his hands and knees for mercy: you are a lady after all always tucked up safe and sound in your warm comfortable bed at night. . .”
his tortured eyes burned wid de flame of memories and Rachel knew widout doubt in that instant dat the man spilling his heart and soul to her is tomas bastitas. The certainty of it made her weep.

“have you ever been hungry, i mean really hungry, when you haven’t been fed for so long that you start eating anything that can’t outcrawl you?.”

she shook her head beginning to understand. Still pinned to the earth floor, her arms outstretched above her mass of tangled hair, she longed to reach out and console him to soothe the anguish and anger from his bitter features.

His voice husky his breath more rapid, he asked ”have u ever wept for compassion.

Miss Gregory? Have you ever ached so badly for a kind word or touch that when it finally comes ur way you fumble with it like an idiot becos u re not quite sure what to do with it or wanted it so badly u believe a prostitute really meant it when she said she loves you?..”

the tears came down from her eyes rolling to her temples.

“of course not,”
he said in a voice sounding drugged. “you have ur stillwell and Luke and a whole others. How many fools like me who dare to hope or dream did u leave back in new Orleans miss Rachel? How many?

He rolled away and sat up. His back to her he faced the door, his shoulders rising and falling immediately while he struggled with his emotions.

Unsteadily Rachel pushed herself up understanding completely now why the giving of tenderness, the sharing of love didn’t come easily to this man. How could he share that which has never been shared wid him, cautiously she lifted her trembling hands and placed it lightly on his back. He flinch as if the butterfly touch had been a dagger she had driven on his hot flesh. Shifting closer to him. She carefully pressed her cheek against his spine and said softly. “i care”he didn’t move, “i care ” she repeated more loudly


He turned slowly to face her backing away uncertain of his motives she looked into his burning eyes and held her breath
“you care, he sneered, seems i heard those words before. They sound more believable coming from a w---e’s mouth than they do from yours”

Rachel swallowed and repeated, “i care”
that telltale smile curled his lips and before Rachel could realise it he had caught her jaw bruisingly in his fingers. ”all right sweet heart, maybe you want to show me just how much you care, come on show me lady, how and why a woman like you could ever give a d--n about a man like me”

despite the excruciating grip on her jaw she lifted her arms and pressed them slightly on his face. His eyes narrowed, his jaw flexed in her palms, slowly very slowly she leaned forward and kissed his mouth.

His fingers cruel and gripping one minute trembling as he drew them from her face. She continued to kiss him, though his lips remain rigid under hers. She stroked her fingers through his hair,down his throat and trailed her hands over his tense shoulders and around his back and sliding his mouth around to his ears. She whispered more softly ”i care”

“ah d--n”
he said sounding raw and broken. He turn his face to hers and kissed her. The hunger of it driving the breath from her lungs. Easily he forced her backwards pressing her into the cool earth floor as he stretched out against her. He covered her face with kisses before mumbling something into her ear “you will be sorry”
she lifted her face to his in silent.

She felt the quickened thud of his heart against her b----t as he kissed her. And the fire started the forbidden burning that took flame in the very depths of her soul when he touched her was there, turning her insides into an inferno of desire. She wanted him dear God how she wanted him! How could she very convince him that she needed him as she desperately needed her.

Rachel closed her eyes as his hands ran slowly up the inside of her thigh beneath her skirt. She shivered at the feel of his callused fingers
against her sensitive skin

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