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Renegade Love, A Story Of Love, Fear, Secrets, Lies, Hurts And Forgiveness - Season 1 - Episode 21
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His hands fumbled with her underwear drawing her garment down her hips to her knees and ankles. As he sat back on his knees and began to release the buttons on his breeches she met his still suspicious gaze with her own, and opened her legs. Wordlessly she lifted her hands in invitation.

He moved against her, the reflection of fire painting his face and hands and jutting maleness in burning crimson the velvet smooth hardness of his desire poised against her, throbbing wid passions blood that mad the world red and dizzy and breathless between them…… Their eyes met, hers wide and searching. His cautious, still and disbelieving.

He eased her thighs open further and pressed and pressed the hot s---t of his being into her. The pain was immediate and intense, catching her off guard. She cried, ”no! Oh God, please.”and she writhed beneath him.

“too late,”
he hissed in her ear, and in that awful moment Rachel realized that he had Misconstrued her reasons for crying.

His fingers digging into the damp earth on either side of her head, he began moving on her, imbedded himself deep,deep inside her with each impassioned t----t he took. Each plunge was fierce, grinding and deliberate. Squeezing her eyes shut, she prayed the discomfort would subside before she screamed.

And it did…… As the initial shock and pain of his body entering hers faded and a new s£nsat!on took hold, a feeling so intense that she almost wept again. Not from the pain, there was little of dat now, but for the joy of becoming one with this man. For no matter how the rest of the world saw him she knew him, knew what he ached for; understanding. . . Love. Oh, she had so much love to give him, if he would let her.

Rachel closed her eyes somewhere in the centre of her being warm spiraling the bliss grew. Spread throughout her heart and mind and body so she found herself responding by lifting her hips to meet his.

She heard the swift inward rush of his breath as he noted the response. The low groan that wedged up his throat stirred a startling arousal in her. She moved again feeling her body expand to accommodate him even more. Rapture vivid and wonderful unfurled inside her and she m0aned, clutched him to her suddenly startlingly aware that she was not fulfilled by his body inside her she started wanting his soul.

she whispered, a ragged husky sound that was strange to her own ear, twisting her fingers into his shirt she closed her eyes and said ”please.”

his breath of wonder fanned her cheek his body responded moving more urgently powerfully until she was clutching his shoulders, matching each turbulent t----t of his hips with her own.

Yet she could feel the resistance building inside Davis with each breath he took., and she understood he will not accept an offered love easily. He would not trust such love,joy becos he did not think himself worthy of it. She did the only thing she could do to stop the maelstrom inside him. Lifting her arms, she wrapped them about his shoulders.

He froze then sank against her,rotated buried his face in her hair and groaned. Then as if all strength and will and anger had drained from him, his body relax. Still she held him wrapped her legs over the backs of his thighs stroked the coarse hair on the back of his head, her hands moved over his back, beneath his shirt discovering how beautiful his body felt.

She counted his heartbeats that slowed to a beat in rhythm with hers, against her own. Finally he said in a voice so shallow she barely heard him.
“forgive me”

gripped him more tightly to her she swallowed writing until the force of emotions inside her could subside then responded steadily ”there is nothing to forgive, i was cruel and vicious to have called u such names after everything u have done for me…….” smiling she nuzzledd the nape of his neck trailed her fingers over the hard planes of his back and along the scar across his ribs. “you saved ma life twice . . . Three times, you might have turned me over to clyde u know.”

“he might have treated u better.”
He mumbled to the dirt.

“i don’t thinks so.”
she smiled again. ”look at me”
he didn’t
taking a deep breath she admitted again. ”i care”
he didn’t move for a long moment. Then his head came up slowing, he looked down into her eyes. A flush of heat touch his cheeks, his eyes Making them breath taking and brilliant. Lifting her fingers to his face she slightly traced his month his chin his brow holding him with her adoring gaze. Letting her eyes he smile and the touch of her hands convey the truth of her words. He closed his eyes absorbing the gentleness of her touch drinking it in slowly as if he was afraid to take in too much too quickly. Then without speaking he rolled to his side to his knees and stood turning his back to her while he fumbled his the buttons on his breeches. He left the hackal quietly closing the door behind him.

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