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Renegade Love, A Story Of Love, Fear, Secrets, Lies, Hurts And Forgiveness - Season 1 - Episode 22
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Rachel stared at the ceiling listening to the distant rumble of thunder and the timid patter of rain that had begun to fall. Stiffly she got to her feet. She walked to the window and looked out on the fort’s dark ground. A flash of lightning in the night sky illuminated Davis’s form. He stood in the rain his face tilted up to heavens. Turning Rachel went back to the fire and stretched out on the floor where she and Davis had la!d before. The pain was there between her legs she would be sore tomorrow but there was another ache somewhere deeper that intensified her, when she thought of how intimate his body had felt buried in hers, moving inside hers such a forbidden fire it brought hot color other her face and warmed her skin far more than the measles embers of dying ash in the hearth. What seemed like hours Davis returned roused from her exhausted sleep, Rachel lifted her head and blinking sleepily at his tall, dark form in the door way…… She waited.

He said nothing, just walked over to her gently tucked his saddle blanket about her shivering body, then lay down beside her. Hesitantly his arms came out to hold her,rotated and she didn’t resist.

He dreamed of a red haired woman, the most beautiful woman in the world holding him in her arms pressing his face against her b----t and kissing the top of his head. She always smelled of violets, sweet and clean. And she always smiled always laugh. She loved him, oh God, she loved him.

Coming awake slowly Davis shifted in the chair he had moved to sometime during the night and blinked blearily at the windows at his shoulder. A pair of scorpions their light brown body scaled and their needle pointed tails ached high over their backs.

“good morning”

Davis sat upright with a start. There within dawn’s pale gray shadows, was Rachel on the floor. Leaning back against the wall of the hackal holding his gun in her hands. Looking down the nickel plated barrel he said softly “good morning”

“i was wondering Davis. . “
he saw her head tilt to the right, the white blond hair spilled, wild and tangled over her shoulders. “how many women have u raped”

“i was only trying to frightened u”
came his calm voice

“so i’d scream?”
he looked back at the scorpions. Their out t----t were locked in silent combat.

“you enjoy women who scream?”
she asked
he shook his head. No, then closing his eyes, he said i wanted the others to think i raped you. ”looking back at the gun he released his breath. “are u alright Rachel?”
“is it normal to bleed after the first time?”

his insides turning cold, he sat forward in his chair straining to see her face better in the dim light. “how much?”.

“some, its stopped now, but i’m sore”
“its to be expected.”

he heard her laugh to her self.. “it seems u r an expert on virgins as well as guns. Have you had many virgins, Mr Davis?” the gun went up a little more. ” the truth now”.


“willing or unwilling”
she asked
“for God’s sake Rachel”
“the truth”
“and when was the last time u took an unwilling woman Mr Davis”?

Raking one hand through his hair,down he responded sharply. ”i don’t remember fourteen or fifteen years ago i suppose”
“my my my, u must have been a delinquent young man, would yu care to tell me about ur childhood?”
“perhaps i can help, it always help to talk about what’s troubling u.”

he looked at the gun again then back to her face, what the devil was she getting at?. ”no one can help,”he replied, leaving his chair. She studied him for several long, silent minutes then she said softly, cautiously. ”i think u could begin wid accepting who you are”
he backed away. “i don’t know what u are talking about.” the gun barrel begin to shake. “you, you ‘re really tomas de bastitas aren’t you?…… You were taken from ur parents in that uprising in san Antonio many years ago.

A slow burn started in his Stomach crept up his chest and into his face. He repeated.[b] ”no”

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