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Renegade Love, A Story Of Love, Fear, Secrets, Lies, Hurts And Forgiveness - Season 1 - Episode 24
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Rachel continued. I’m certain he would find out that angelique and and Alejandro would stand by him no matter what, should he decide to go home. That they would continue to love him and be proud of him no matter what?

Christ! Why wouldn’t she shut up? He stared in her face as the First streaks of morning sun wedged between the boards on the window. Spilling over her eyes , which were dark.

Red- rimmed and concerned.

Blinking slowly she smiled a little absently and said, “i think i could almost envy tomas de bastitas, having such a large family who loved him so. I only had ma father, as my mother died when i was very young. He was always so busy with the farm i rarely saw him. My nanny raised me until Audra came. Then what little family happiness we had fell apart”. Shifting the gun in her hands she frowned. Looked him directly in the eye and said, you know Mr Davis we are alike in a way.

We are both orphans aren’t we? But where u day dream the future of finding someone who loves me, settling down and raising a dozen of children. You dwell on the past horrible as it is. You’ve let it destroy your potentials” she beamed him a smile.

The sudden burst of anger he felt left him at the sight of her angelic face, haggard but beautiful. Smiling up at him.she always had that effect on him, he realized, she made him forget everything except the new emotions she’d put inside him. He liked those feeling. The dulled the raw ache of memories made him feel cleansed somehow of all the pain and anger.

Lowering the gun, Rachel said rather seriously, “i think, Mr Davis, that you should really try harder to like yourself.”

“i’ll try,”
he responded. He began to smile, and pointing to the gun he asked teasingly, “are you going too shoot me with my own gun?”

she contemplated the idea for a long time, then, grinning, she lowered the gun to her lap and said. ”i don’t think so”. Then she lifted up the weapon again, propped it against her uplifted knees and ran her finger through the barrel. “i must Say, i’m most impressed and i can’t imagine why you never mentioned such an important event in your life. It is engraved on this side:

“but the most impressive engraving is this one plated on the stock:

“now i ask you, what did you do to deserve such tribute?”

Davis stood before her,barely hearing her idle chatter about the gun. His mind had drifted back to last evening. He was at a loss over what to say or do about the clumsy affair. He wasn’t even certain he should bring up those intimate moments they’d shared together.

He’d convinced himself as she lay sleeping in his arms that he’d taken advantage of her sympathy, certain she’d feel different this morning. She would no doubts be fill wid regrets and recriminations toward herself and him. He hadn’t exactly been an ideal lover. He’d heard the term making love but had never, until now, understood what it meant.

But last night he’d fought the feelings, tried to ignore them…… True enough for a while he’d wanted to hurt her because she’d actually made him feel vulnerable and human for the first time. Now he wanted those moments back so he could make it as special for her as she had made it for him. He’d taken her virginity, ruined her for other men. She deserved better. Perhaps he should tell her the truth, admit what he was and why he was doing what he was doing. Maybe then she would accept him the way he is or maybe not.. Oh God, how he loves her,if only she She can read his mind, read the thoughts in his head. Then he would have been the happiest man

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