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Renegade Love, A Story Of Love, Fear, Secrets, Lies, Hurts And Forgiveness - Season 1 - Episode 9
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Then as he had the day he’d climbed abroad her runaway wagon, Davis appeared, coming a her through the downpour,closing his hands about her arms as he prepared to lift her up her seat and force her back to her wagon. She cried out in relief.

Davis grabbed the lines from her hands and yelled ” get in back! I’m taking over.” there were still several wagons infront of hers.

The alverezes hadn’t moved. “but you can’t it wouldn’t be right_” shaking the rain from his eyes,he shoved her back into the opening “we’ll comeback for the goddamn others. I said am taking over!”
she heard Sam yelling, encouraging her horses to move, despite the flashes of lightening and the continual crack of thunder. She dropped to her hands and knees on the floor as she pray that God would forgive her and she prayed for Sam and Davis as well as jeromia.

She knew the minute the hit the water.

The wagon shuddering and slowed to a snail crawl, throwing open the back canvas she stared at the water only inches below the wagon bed. Terrified at the unstable wagon Rachel stumbled back up to the front of the wagon lunged to the openings and wrapped her arms around Davis waist for protection. Then sooner than she had thought possible, she felt the wagon Jerked and realized they had reached the opposite shore.

She was out of the rear of the wagon before Davis could jump from the perch. Shielding her eyes against the rain, she watched the other travellers trying to cross. Then she noticed Manuela having left the safety of her wagon, the woman slipped only a grab from her husband saved her from being s----d by the heavy current. The animals heaved forward, but the wagon wouldn’t bugged. Rachel’s heart panting frantically watched the dear couple who befriended her on this awful journey struggle to save everything they owned in the world. “someone help them!” but no one came.

She moved haltingly toward the water, fear choking the words in her throat as she screamed again for help.

Manuela slipped again only a desperate grabbed from her husband saved her.

Without thinking of the danger to herself knowing that the couple needed help and there appeared to be no one at that moment to give it.

Rachel kicked off her shoes ran into the river.

“Rachel! Rachel, no!!!” came Davis frantic cry behind her. But she plodded on, fighting the slimy muck that s----d up around her ankles and the rushing, peaking water that slashed at her thighs. It took every ounce of strength she had to battle her way to the alverezes wagon. Falling against the wheel she gripped it with both hands while trying to regain her breath. Then leaning against the wheel she began to shove.

The roar was barely audible at first then, due to the pounding rain and rolling thunder. Then the very earth beneath her feet began to tremble as the water suddenly swelled up to her armpits.

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