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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 103
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The cold weather woke me up in the night and then when I find myself in front of another person door i quickly got up and took my phone, I ran home around twelve in the midnight.

At home i check my phone and saw many missed calls, all of them from Mitchele, I wanted to call her back but I kick against it because it’s midnight and she might be sleeping already, I thank God for making me to wake up on time, just imagine if police caught me there, that night kasala done burst be that, they done catch criminal ni.

I slept that night with one eye open, when its six exactly I dial Michele’s number but she didn’t pick, I dress up and by seven I got up from my bed and enter road to her house in Upper, on my way my mind was beating very fast, I don’t know what to expect if she has told everybody about the pregnancy or not and if she has also told them that am responsible I don’t know.

On my way I keep on trying her number to at least know what’s up but she won’t pick, I was frustrated but that didn’t stop me from going, I need to know what happened, going there is a risk I know but I just hope and pray that they don’t know everything yet, if I don’t go and they some how find out it will be hell for me, they will first call my mother before anything else, there is nowhere I can run to so am going there to discuss in case they know already and also to go see how Mitchele is doing.

As I was going on the bus I saw somebody on the road walking, the person looks like Aneeta because she was putting on nursing clothes and this place is where she work, the person is bigger or maybe her stomach is getting bigger, I didn’t see the person face but I sure knows its Aunt Aneeta and she’s pregnant.

If she’s really pregnant that won’t be a problem but as for Mitchele na no no, I can’t take that.

I got to their compound na there the worst happen, come see rushing.

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