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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 114
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Source: coolval22
I drop my bag inside one cupboard while
she enter the bathroom to take her bath, I
sat on the bed looking and then I return
to the sitting room, I check the fridge
and saw all kind of drinks in abundant, I
wanted to take one and drink but I stop
and return to the room, I heard water
splashing, I walk to the bathroom and
peep inside, I saw her bathing herself
with warm water, the sight of her
beautiful body automatically turn me on,
of course my body is a machine that
react whenever there is a beautiful
female body around, my d!ckson react
first without letting my brain do the
thinking, that’s why my d!ckson always
put me in trouble because anytime am
around Beautiful women my d!ckson
always do the thinking.

I immediately remove my dress and step
inside the bath without her notice
because she was facing the wall with her
nice a-s facing me, when I touch her
waist she was shock and then she later
smile and put my arms around her waist,
I turn her to face me and lower the
shower then we started kissing with me
rubbing her succulent boobson, I reduce
my height and bury my lips on her
boobson, after some seconds she
started her heavily m0an!ng, I sU-Ck her
very softly and then she grab my already
hard weapon of mass destruction and
started stroking it, she later bend down
and started sU-Cking it as if the bros will
run, she sU-Ck me for some minutes and
when I can’t take it any longer I raised
her up and make her face the wall
making sure her a-s face me, I bend
down and insert my d!ckson inside the

hot wet succulent puss, I hold her a-s
and started ramming her gently, as I
ramming her I started to wonder how
fine a-s like this that’s not even too wide
manage to bear two grown up son, I
don’t even know if she have other

“Faster baby”
she started saying

Oh well I obey her and started ramming
her harder, as I ram her her boobson
started bouncing up and down like mercy
Johnson elephantiasis a-s, I hold the
boobson and press it and she shouted

I turn her and make her sit ontop
table and then I started fvcking her as
she face me, she shift my head closer
and wet my lips with hers,as I was
fvcking her the table started making a
kind of noise like a carpenter cutting

“Yeah, yeah oh baby I love you, come on
dont stop, ummmm”
she continue
shouting like someone under the
influence of apostle Johnson anointing.

I switch on the water and then her noise
reduce, no be only we they hotel na make
we nor come go make frontage for
N-------d tomorrow.

We sexx for thirty minutes before I throw
up, I came twice and she came thrice, I
don’t know what thrive me maybe its
because of the happiness of the visa and
passport, after sexx we became tired and
then with towel we lie down on bed to
sleep and that’s how we slept and forget
about our party till we woke up around
ten in the night.

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