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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 115
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“Oh well but I need to eat first or else you will have to admit me tomorrow”
she said planting a kiss on my cheeks.

“Oh I see, I thought you can handle me self” I said.

“Yeah I can if I have the strength before we start, you know we’ve been on the road since morning and there is no strength in me again, don’t worry when we get to my country you will be crying, begging me”
she said.

“Begging you for what?”
I ask.

“To let you rest”
she said.

“Oh come on am s-x matchine I can never do that”

“Hmmm okay let’s watch and see then”
she said and got up to open the door for the cook, the attendant walk in rolling the table on the ground, she greeted us and then spread the food on the dinning table, the attendant is slin with long beautiful hair like barbie, she has flat asss with big boobson, though she’s beautiful.
I wonder why she will have one of the thing men desire in women and lack the other, oh well she’s still manageable unlike others that don’t have any at all.

She drop them on the table and walk out, I don’t need to be invited before I got up holding Ria, we sat on the table and open the plate.

I said washing my hand, Ria took knife and fork and started eating, oboy no time for dulling oh as I wash my hands and started eating with my hand, Ria smile and then she wash her hand and join me too, we swallow the food together and even Ria started feeling love, she feed me and command me to feed her back, if I wanted to feed her I withdraw and swallow the food instead, we started playing like little children in love till we started coughing due to the pepper soup.

We relax and enjoy the bush pepper soup, I ate everything and then after eating we watch TV for some time drinking orange juice.

We enter bed around after twelve in the midnight, of course we sexx for thirty minutes before we call it a day.

I dream that night and in my dream I was standing on top a mountain, I was standing at the edge of the mountain and then I saw one white bird flying to the east, as the bird was flying other white birds came along and join the bird, the flew out of my sight and then from nowhere someone came from my back and push me from the mountain, as I was falling down I woke up breathing heavily.

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