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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 117
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“Thanks, but how can I live alone in that big hotel? I will miss your presence na”
I said.

“Come on, I will be visiting in two days interval, beside I will drop money so that you can go out and have fun”
she said.

“I really appreciate dear, I don’t know where I will be without you” I said.

“I told you I will do anything for you, you just keep being loyal and watch me give you the world”
she said.

I gave her a peck while driving and then she smile, she enter the road to Benin city and speed off.
The journey to Benin city was a quiet one as I keep thinking about my mum, how can I just leave without letting her know? She’s a very worried woman but I can’t let her know just yet, I will call her when I get to India, so far I tell her am schooling here with scholarship she will be okay. So far I keep communication with her she won’t worry much, but what about my sister? What about Mitchele and Aunty Aneeta? Hmmm I just hope before I return I won’t be tag baba NLA.

We bought some things to eat on the way since there wasn’t any time to buy food in lagos, we enter Benin city around four in the evening and of course the red sand in Benin is always Happy to welcome you, we enter benin and she drive straight to Kada kitchen at sapele/GRA junction.

She told me to remain in the car while she went out, I remain in the car enjoying the blue music coming out from the speaker with the working air condition, money is really good.

She return some minutes later with two white nylon, she gave me one while she kept the other.

“Something for us to eat at home”
she said.

“Thank you”
i said.

“You welcome”.

She drove me to my street which I told her to stop and not to take me inside base on the reason you know of, she stop and then I gave her a two minutes kiss, as I was kissing her I wanted to play naughty so I started touching her boobson which she succumb to, my d!ckson started reacting like Nigeria Twitters that can react to anything reactable like chemical.

I thought I could do a quickie so I put my right hand inside her gown and then she stop me.

“Not her dear, keep it till I come visit you in Lagos,”
she said.

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