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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 121
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I so much sU-Ck that boobson that some milky
substance started coming out from it, you won’t
blame me now would you because that boobson
is just too big for me to ignore, she fvck me so
hard that I didnt know when I release inside

“Why didn’t you tell me you want to release?”.

She blasted.

“Oh sorry, i just know know” I said and faint on my bed.

She stand up and walk to the bathroom, I
thought she is done but I was surprise to see
her giving me energy drink and then rubbing
my d!ckson, oh boy today Na today.

I woke up feeling tired and weak, I look my
sides and no sign of the girl, I don’t even know
her name self. I check my money and was
glad that it’s still intact.

I look my phone, the time is past ten, waoh.

I manage to get up and take my bath which
after then I walk to the sitting room and saw
delicious yam and egg prepared already on the
table, I smile and walk up to eat, I saw a little
note there which read.

“Hello dear, last night was wonderful and
delicious, I left without waking you up because
I don’t want to disturb you please eat the food
on the table, I will come later today to collect
my money though you can still call anytime you
want somebody will attend to you but today is
my day off, I will only come to collect my
money take care”

Oh well, I would have love to go out with her
since today is her day off, but Ria might come
any moment from now so I don’t want any

trouble that will jeopardize my travel plans.

As expected she later return that night to
collect her money and we even did one round
before she left, Ria called the next day that she
can’t make it, she promised to come the next
day which she also failed to keep, I didn’t
bother Sha because I was enjoying my time
with the mysterious hotel attendant which I
don’t even know her name, the funny thing is
that I don’t want to know her name.

I keep enjoying myself with the girl everyday
since Ria don’t want to return until the last
Thursday, two days before my journey to India,
oh well they say everyday for the thief and one
day for the owner.

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