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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 127
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“Won’t be nice if she’s still there and we are here having s-x”
I said without thinking.

“She’s doing her job”
she said and covered my mouth with her lips, I press her boobson and she continue fvking me, the way she’s eating me I can really confirm that she really missed me.

I raised her up and took her to the wall bench in the bathroom, I sit her down while I remain standing ramming her like a vampire, of course if the attendant is still there she will definitely hear us, the sound was like a slap from a soldier.

I ram her for so long and am yet to release, am even tired.

I make her lie on the ground and continue ramming her, she later turn me and started fvcking very fast till I came inside her.

We both lie on the floor receiving our breath like someone that just run Olympic race.

“So are you ready for the big day tomorrow?”
She ask.

“Of course am ready and desperate”
I said.

“That’s my boy, everything is set we will be on our way early tomorrow”
she said.

“Thank God”
I said and got up, I clean myself and return to the bedroom while I wait for Ria to clean up, The attendant is gone already and am glad.

I enter the freezer and collect juice drink, I sip the cold drink and then dive inside the sofa bed and slept off.

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