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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 140
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Source: coolval22
She touched my d!ckson sending current through my body.

“I thought I was here to learn how to strip?”
I ask from nowhere as the lady continue sending charges on my body.

“Of course, and this is part of the lesson so lose up and enter me”
she said bending down.

She removed my pant giving space for my d!ckson to fling out like a bouncing ball.

“Waoh, now this is what am talking about” she said smiling.

She kneel down and started touching my hard d!ckson with her hands and then later on she put it in her mouth and started svcking it like a new born baby svcking b----t.

She was svcking me and also m0an!ng as if am the one svcking her, I didn’t want her to feel like am enjoying it but when the feeling surpass my thought I hold her hairs and started rubbing it looking onto the stars, I hold her head and started fvcking her through her mouth and she was m0an!ng, I fvck her through her mouth till I release inside her mouth.

She swallowed my pap and then rose up, she kiss me deeply and then hold my hands as she direct me to a table beside the room, she climbed the table and then open her legs, she took spit from her mouth and place it on her pussay after shifting her pants sideways,.
“Come and svck me” she said.

Of course I obeyed and walk to her, I bend a little and started eating her pussay, she was maoning so loud as I buried my mouth in her pussay, the m0an!ng woke up my sleeping d!ckson again, I continue svcking her, using my tongue to play with her c--t and any time I touch her c--t she will m0an and shift back.

She was enjoying it so I decided to join her, no be only she go enjoy but the problem now is that no protection, she saw the worry in my face and then point her hand to one corner of the room, I walk there and shift the clothes.

“The pocket”
she said.

I took the trouser and search for condom, I saw three.

I return to her on the table and she took the condom from my hand, she came down from the table and then bend down to svck me again, after making my d!ckson very hard she put on the condom for me and then face the table, I took one of her leg up and place it on the table and then I enter the place according to 2baba.

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