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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 145
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I don’t even know their room since I started living in this house, maybe this is the right time to scout around the house, I walk to the first door on my right under the stair, I try to push the door to see if it will open but it was lock so I move ahead to the next room on my left, I push and it open gently, I peep inside and saw beautiful Riana sleeping like a baby, she was wearing white night gown and her thigh was very revealing, I was really tempted and assuming am not a gentle guy I would have go ahead and s-x her even if na force.

I lock the door again and return to the sitting room, I switch on the TV and reduce the volume, I change the channel to wrestling and started watching, since I nor get wetin to do make I relax they watch wrestling, maybe the noise will disturb someone to wake up and meet me here, with my evil thought I increase the volume a little, loud but not too loud.

I was watching and started thinking about my mother and my family, what about Aunty Aneeta? I know she’s pregnant for me but apart from that I know nothing else, and what about Mitchele? I believe her stomach will be bigger now because e done tey ni, nor be my fault sha anyhow anyhow I will return and pay my bills, I will take responsibility for everything, that is if I return with enough money, but if things go sideways then I will just return to my mama and join her in her farm eating black soup and pounded yam.

What about Ngozi and Temitope aka Temihsmart, my Igbo and Yoruba girlfriend, I search for them before leaving but they were nowhere to be found, maybe Ngozi return to her Igbo land to join in the agitation of Biafra while Temihsmart return to Yoruba land to join her mama in the kitchen, am just kidding oh.

I was so lost in my thought I didn’t even know what is going on on the TV facing me, I keep thinking and then I started hearing ozila, ozila, I didn’t know what was going on until somebody tap me on my shoulder, I was shocked in that I stand up immediately and there I saw Riana facing me, maybe my plan work anyway.

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