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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 147
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“What are you doing, i have called your name six times?”
She said walking to the TV to lower the volume.

“Am sorry I was just lost in thought, when did you walk in?” I ask.

“The moment you left my room” she said.

“Oh so you were awake?” I ask.

“Not until you lock the door, I thought I heard someone was about to sleep when I heard the TV” she said.

“Am sorry, I came to check if you have anything I can eat”
I said.

“Oh, so you didn’t eat your food?”
She ask walking to one corner of the sitting room, she opened one big fridge that has same colour with the wall, she brought out some food.

“I didn’t know there is a fridge there, we have three fridge in this house”
she said.

She brought the food to me, its rice and stew but I wasn’t in the mood to eat rice.

“Is there no other thing? I don’t really want to eat rice now”
I said.

“I know you will soon start complaining because you eat rice everyday, weekend you will follow me to market so that we will cook any soup you want”

I ask.

“Yeah” she confirmed.


“Meanwhile, will you eat indomie?”
She ask.

“Yeah if there is any” I said.

“Okay, wait here let me go cook for you in the kitchen”
she said.

“no way, am following you” I said.

*oya come make we go”
she said.

“Who is teaching you pidgin?”
I ask following her from behind to the kitchen.

she said.

“You just google pidgin, why are you trying to learn it?
I questioned.

“am trying to improve my English so I got diverted to pidgin, I love it so I learn it”
she said.

*I can teach you pidgin na” she said.

“You that don’t have time”
she said.

“Me? Is you that don’t have time joor”
I defend myself.

She took pot and on the stove, she removed indomie from another cupboard while I sat on one chair looking at her.

“So how is your work so far?”
She ask.

“Going fine”
I said.

“So you are fvcking the ladies huh?”
She ask from nowhere.

“Which ladies?”
I ask as if I don’t know what she mean.

“The ladies at your bar na or you think I don’t know?”

“No, no am not fvcking them why do you think that?”
I ask.

“Oh well how can a stripper not sleep with people he is stripping for?”
She fired.
I didn’t know what to tell her so I just let the topic die like that, she put the indomie on fire and then turn to face me, she is beautiful no doubt but according to Ria if I mess up with her then I mess up with my career here in India, prevention is better than cure as since our emotion is getting tense and the environment changing I decided to disappoint the devil, I stood up and run to the parlour to sit down, because my d!ckson has already started misbehaving, I don’t blame him though with that beautiful legs who wouldn’t get attention?

“Why did you run away?”
She ask as she join me in the parlour, she sat on the same chair I was sitting making sure body touch each other.

“Errrmm nothing”
I said.

“Okay, the indomie will be done in ten minutes then you can and go back to bed” she said.

“Alright thanks”

“Hand the remote over”
she commanded.

I didn’t want to stand up so that she won’t see my disturbing d!ckson so I just use my hand to draw the table closer before giving her the remote, she change the channel.

With her warm body touching me my d!ckson remain intact not wanting to rest, she got up and walk to the kitchen, I watch her backside as she move and this time my d!ckson started thinking, I stood up and followed her to the kitchen, I saw her removing the food from the stove and without thinking I hug her from her back, she was surprise and she turn and as she wanted to say something I kiss her sweet lips and the moment I remove my mouth a heavy slap landed on my face.

“You are very stupid”
she said and walk away to her room, I stood there regaining my sense with hands akimbo, I stood there sorry for what I did but I couldn’t even walk to her to apologize because am ashame of myself.

Five minutes later with no sign of her I sat there and eat the indomie with my hands shaking, I finish eating and before going to my room I check on her, I saw her sleeping abi relaxing.

“Am really sorry Riana”
I said from the door.

“Get out idiot and lock the door” I did as I was told, am I really an idiot? don’t blame me blame my d!ckson.

I walk to my room in shame and relax on my bed, I switched off the light and try to sleep but the sin I almost commited won’t let me sleep, it keep coming to my head, but if she don’t want me why is she acting all nice to me like say she want me? She can’t just be this nice without wanting something in return, maybe she is just doing it for the sake that am working for them, she is just trying to make me feel at home to make me put effort in the work, oh well now that I have showed her my bad side I hope this don’t deteriorate our friendship.
I keep on pondering about what I did until sleep finally took me off, I didn’t wake up on time because I slept late, Ria had to come upstairs to check what’s wrong because I have never stayed so long in bed in the morning, I told her am just tired that I will get down soon, she said I should take my time since I don’t have work until evening, she said my food is on the table and that shes going out, I bade her goodbye and continue my sleep, I make sure its almost noon before I get up sluggishly from the bed, I know everybody will be out of the house now so I walk downstairs to brush my teeth, I took my brushing outside so that I will be seeing people moving, of course I saw everything with people going on about their businesses, the common business here is trading, there are shops everywhere in the street, the town is very lively and I like it, town with population is very good for business just like Lagos with it large economy, I think the forth largest economy in Africa.

I finish brushing and check what’s on the table for breakfast, I saw plantain and stew, I wonder who cooked it because I don’t think they eat plantain here, I look the wall and the time is almost twelve, I took spoon and started eating, the food look delicious and cool, I enjoyed it so much, after eating I return the plate to the kitchen and wash it, I wash other dirty plates too since am not doing anything, how I wish I have a working sim I would have called my mum, am missing her voice so badly and she will be badly worried, this is so wrong of me and I regret my action, if Ria return I will beg her for her phone so that I can call my mum, since I got nothing to do I relax on the sofa and started watching movie, I watch film till two in the afternoon when Ria return.

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