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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 149
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“You don’t know the place you can’t go alone ozila”
Riana said.

“I can if you can just direct me”
I said.

“Don’t worry I will take you, but we won’t waste time”
Riana said and return to the room with anger.

“Did anything happened between you two” Ria ask me after her daughter left.

“Not really ma”
I said.

“Then why the sudden change of character?”
She said and walk back to the kitchen.

Minutes later Riana came out from the room and said.

“I hope you are ready?”

“Yeah, I just have to get the package inside my room”
I said and rush inside my room, I saw her waiting for me outside.

We walk in silent without uttering any word, I didn’t want to say anything so that she won’t get angry, I have to respect myself this time.

We got there and she request for the Sim which I gave her, they do everything just like how they do it in Nigeria, they took my pass and my print also, they said it will be activated tomorrow so we took our leave and on our way home one small KIA car pulled up and reverse back, Riana know the girl riding because they hug each other, they were two inside the rider and her company, a female too.

They told us to hop in so that they will give us lift which we happily agreed to, we sat at the back together and they were speaking their language and laughing, they will say something and Riana will eye me and laugh, maybe they were teasing her but I don’t know, she told them my name is ozila and am from Nigeria, they were interested in knowing me more so they both request for my number but Riana refuse saying I don’t have time that am a busy person, but the driver just took her card from her bag and give it to me saying I should call her any time, I said okay and then they drop us off, we walk back to the house, and before we go in Diana request for the card which I gave Her she took it from me I don’t know why and I didn’t ask.

Inside my room I insert the Sim on my android phone and booth it on, I recharge it and then I wanted to call my mum, then I heard car horn downstairs, I look down the window and saw Rica tortoise car waiting for me, I quickly dress up and rush downstair,
“Where are you going to in a hurry?”
Ria ask.

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