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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 152
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After some time I sleep on the sofa and then climb me facing my down side, she started fvcking me so fast and seeing her white asss I slap it,.

“Hit it again baby”
she said.

So I slap her continuously and the slapping make her to increase her pace, please ladies how do you feel when guys slap your butt during s-x?

We s-x for more than thirty minutes before I release without knowing.

“S--t why did you release inside me?”
She ask as she climb down.

“Am sorry, it was so sweet that I didn’t know I was gonna release” I said.

“Its okay, this is the best I have had, if am in your shoe I won’t even want to pull out, and by the way I hope you are clean because no condom”
she said.

“Yes I am, and you?”
I ask.

“Yeah am good”
she said.

I put on my boxer and left her there to wear her clothes, I walk out of the room to go look for my dress at the back and on my way I saw the other lady that fvcked me the first time here.

“I hope you two enjoyed each other”
she said smiling as she walk pass.

I knew it, the sound was so loud and I know somebody must hear us, anyway there is nothing she can do, I took my clothes and wear them, I took my small bag and hang it on my shoulder, I went to meet the manager at her office.

“Rica am going oh”
I said.

“Alright, write your number here I will call you in the morning”
she said.


I wrote down my number and walk out of her office, I came out from the bar and everywhere was so busy even though it pass twelve, I pass the prostitution house and walk to the main road to look for taxi, I stay for ten minutes without seeing any, I decided to walk.

I havent walk for five minutes before a tortoise car pull up beside me, I didn’t need an invitation before getting in.

I said.

“You welcome, so how are enjoying India so far?”
She ask.

“Not bad, just that I don’t like some of their foods” I said.

“I know you will miss your country food, let me take you somewhere to eat”
she said.

“Okay then, I hope they have naija food?”
I ask.

“You will see”
she said and speed off.

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