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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 154
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She dropped me off at my house and bade me goodbye after telling me to call one of the ladies that gave me their card earlier on, I promise to do so, I got to the door and used the spare key Ria gave me because she said they can’t be waiting for me to return all night because they don’t do night work like me, I use the key to open the door gently, as I enter everywhere was quiet, even on the road the street was quiet apart from the lights, I didn’t go to the kitchen since I have eaten already, I climb straight to my room, I dropped my things on the ground and took my phone, I dialy mummy number and then later cut it, she might be asleep now so I don’t want to disturb her, oh well maybe its not dark there yet because we have different time zone with India, I dial the number again and as the number ring my heartbeat started increasing, am scared because I don’t know what I will tell her.

I heard from the other end.

“Helloooo, who is this?”
She asked, I was glad to hear her voice but am scared to talk because i have bad things I just don’t know what to say.

“Ozila, is it you”
she ask and my mind skip.

“Yes mum” I summoned courage to talk, tears already dropping from my eyes.

“Oh my God, how are you dear?”
She ask.

“Am fine mum, how are you?” I ask.

“Am fine, are you outside the country?”
She ask.

“Yes mum, your voice doesn’t sound well, what’s wrong mum?” I ask.

“Nothing my dear, now that I have heard your voice I will be fine”
she said.

“What’s wrong mum?”
I ask again.

“Don’t worry about me, when are you coming back?”
She ask.

“I honestly don’t know ma”
I said.

“Which country?”
She enquired.
I replied.

“Okay, be careful my dear and know that you are always welcome here”
she said.

“I know mum, how is everybody and Mitchele?” I ask.

“We are fine, your elder sister is still angry with you though that doesn’t atop her from looking for you, Mitchele stomach is getting bigger”
she said.

“Okay thanks mum, am so sorry mum”
I said.

“There is nothing to apologize for, I wish you goodluck and please don’t do anything illegal” she said.

“I wont mum, I love you”
I said.

“I love you too, bye my dear”
she said.

“Okay mummy, don’t tell anybody I called”
I said.

“Okay, I wont”
she said and I end the call, I feel happy hearing from my mum, I just hope she’s alright because her voice doesn’t feel right.

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