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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 155
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I tried to sleep but sleep refuse to come so I got up and walk downstair, I enter the bathroom and shower myself, I was doing it gently so that I won’t wake anybody up, after shower I return to my room and enter my bed, before one minutes I enter dreamland.
The next morning Ria came to check on me she didn’t know I was awake already, she just open the door, walk inside and then walk out again, I check the time through my phone, just eight in the morning so I close my eyes trying to get back to sleep but sleep just won’t come, I don’t know what’s wrong by this time I suppose to be sleeping, I sat up and check through the window, the street is alive already and everybody are going about their thing, I was putting on only bursar so I decided to wear short before going downstair.

Riana is still at home cooking while her dad is watching A.M news, I wonder why they are not getting ready for the morning work/school. I greet everybody and this time Riana answered me.

“Are you not going to school?”
I ask her.

“No, today is our prayer day”
she said.

“Oh I forgot, today is Friday”
I said.

I brush my teeth and return back to my room, I started using my phone to browse and then later started watching film after downloading from the internet, as I was watching film I didn’t know when sleep took me off, the sound of my phone brought me back to life, I check the number and its unknown but I pick it anyway.

I said.

“Hi, how did it go”
the person ask.

“How did what go and who is this?”
I ask.

“Its me your manager you idiot” she blast.

“Oh am sorry, I have not called her yet” I said.

“What are you still waiting for, call her now that her husband might be out”
she said.

“Alright then, I will”
I said and ended the call, I took the lady card and dial her number, the phone started ringing and so my heartbeat.
“ somebody picked the phone and speak some kind of India language, me recognising her voice I said “hello”

“Hello, who is this?”
She change to English.

“Hello miss Buri, am ozila you gave me your card last night”
I said.

“Oh I remember you, I won’t be available today okay, call me tomorrow”
she said.

“Alright ma”
I said and cut the call.

I dial another number the lady on the other voice her English is very bad.

I just told her am ozila and we met last night, she said okay and then said that I should come visit her around three in the evening, I said okay and cut the call.

Ria answered after she pick the call.

“Yeah, Buri won’t be available till tomorrow and I called another lady she said I should visit her around three” I said.

“That’s good, I will take you there and then I will pass that place to work, make sure you satisfy her very well, don’t bother about work okay, anytime you finish you can come to work.”
She said.

“Okay, let me sleep now I will be waiting for you” I said.
“Alright dear”.
We cut the call and then I walk downstair to eat, I saw my people doing their thing.

“How is work so far?”
Ria husband ask as I walk pass him.

“Fine sir, a bit more stressful than I expected”
I said.

“That’s why you have the whole day to rest, more people are coming to the bar, thanks to you” he said.

“No problem Sir”
I said and enter the kitchen, I saw indomie on the dinning and I help myself with it.

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