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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 157
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“Its real not fake”
I said.

“Then take me to the garden, if I see it then maybe I will convert to Christian”
she said and stop at one fine white house with small iron gates surrounding it, inside the compound there are three cars, a sport car, a limo and a Lexus jeep, the compound has three houses, one big and the other small, the big one is story building with nice view.

“This madam is huge, make sure you rock her well”
Rica said starring at the house.

“I sure will, let me call her self”
I said.

I put a call to her and she pick, she said shes home that I can come.

“I guess I will see you later”
said Rica.

“Yeah, thanks for the drive” I said and open the door.

“My pleasure” she said.

I started walking towards the house and when I got to the gate I knock, I wonder why they put this gate because I can see inside the compound.
I heard a voice inside saying something in Indi which I can’t understand, so I knock again and follow it with.

“Hello, anybody in?”

I heard from inside the house and within seconds I saw the lady, she came out with bare foots to open the gate for me.

“Good day ma”
I said as I walk in.
“good day dear, go to that house I will meet you there in a minute”
she commanded pointing to the building on the left.

I said and divert to the building on my left, I saw a swimming pool on my way and then suddenly I feel like swimming.

“You can use it if you want to” I heard from my back, I look back and saw her looking at me I guess she knows what am thinking.

“Okay ma” I said…[/b]

I open the door and enter the house, i just enter and sit at the sofa, there is TV and other things but I think its best I maintain my lane for now, but I really want to swim.

I was relaxing on the chair pressing my phone and waiting for her to come and join me, I believe she will come and we just do the thing and leave but I was wrong, I heard a horn outside and when I came out I saw her waiting for me beside the lexus jeep.

“Hop in let’s go out”
she said

“Okay ma”
I said and enter the front seat.
She drive out of the compound and then return to the house on font to lock the front gate, she return and look at me mysteriously.

“What! Are you lost?”
she ask.

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