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S-x And The City - Season 1 - Episode 88
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I pack my things immediately and look at the time, is not even six yet so I still have time to move out without many eyes on me, I started packing back to my other house and just like I thought many people are still sleeping and Mama Favor is not even up yet, I can hear them praying together, I wonder how God
will answer her prayer with the numerous sin she commit everyday, she’s married already but her big a-s just won’t stay one place, I continue thinking about her as I pack all my things to my former house, and before six thirty all my things have been moved already, just remaining the minor ones which I
can pack anytime.

They renovate everything not just my room, and the house is now like a new house, they plaster and paint it blue, before I was ashame of the house but now am very proud of it and I won’t be scared to bring anybody here again, also my white friend “Ria” said she
will help buy Some things for me like TV and small Fridge, I will be living like a king here and also my sister will be supplying money for me too, I wish I won’t be leaving here soon I just like it here, maybe if Ria return I will tell her about my intention to start schooling here who knows she might offer to buy the nursing form for me here, I know it’s a lot to ask but she like me and even though I dont like her
it wont be bad for me to use her to stand up na, I will try it out after all I got nothing to lose unlike Aunt Aneeta.

Talking about Aunt Aneeta what if she wake up now and started looking for me, I doubt she will look for me, I will pay her a visit later in the evening when I return from my computer center because it will be bad for me to just vanish after exploring the garden of Eden, I don’t want her to see me as a bad boy
that just want to sexx her and leave, No.

I will visit her and discuss with her like a man so
that she will know am not a kid as she always view me.

Did I mention that we now have borehole in front of our room, as I said before we have three room and my own is at the middle with the other ones occupied by students and a tap stand comfortably in front of our building while they put another in front of the main house, so I got up to fetch water, I took
the water to the bathroom and take my bath which after I get dress for my lesson, I check the time just seven thirty, I don’t have anything to eat so I just got up and lock my door while I walk gently to
my computer center.

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