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Sakira  - Season 1 - Episode 10
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Once again, we were all woken up by the sound of the siren. All of us arranged ourselves for our various duties. Toady I was assigned to tidy up Mr Frank’s house. i’m always afraid to tidy up the house due to the presence of Mark in it. And unfortunately he was around today. I really hope to tidy up in peace.

when I got in I tidied up the kitchen, living room, dinning room and the passages. then I moved to the rooms. I tidied up Mr Frank’s room, Stacy’s room, Mrs Frank’s room and the last room was Marks. The last time I didn’t tidy it up, I was whipped on my legs and i’m still healing. i’m not ready to go another round of that whip. I knocked the door of his room.

he said

honestly, I was scared I just hope to tidy up in peace. he smiled as he saw me coming in.

“you came today”
he said.

“if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to tidy up your room”
I said.

“I’m not going anywhere”
he said sternly.

my heart was beating profusely because I know what he can do.

I said

I picked up the duster and began to dust the cabinets. the room was large and was filled with all sorts of designer decors. I did it fast in order to leave the room quickly. I worked in silence until he broke it.

“so tell me are you still a virgin”
he asked

“that’s not a question I should answer” I said. this guy is a lunatic.

“and why not”
he said getting up from his bed.

I became scared and planned to leave soon.

“because it is none of your business”
I bent to pick my broom and leave. as I stood up he was in front of me and held my hand.

“or maybe seeing it myself would give better answers”
he smiled

I widened my eyes at his words and immediately I understood. before I had the chance to do anything he threw me on the bed and climbed on me. He began to unbuckle his trousers

“Mark please don’t do this”
I begged. I was afraid and I struggled for my freedom. I shouted but he slapped me and hit me really hard. he hit me until I became weak and I could no longer struggle. He tore my skirt and blouse and immediately a sharp pain passed through my body.

I screamed and cried.

I used my hand to hit his chest but it was useless. he fondled with my body and I did nothing but cry. I tried screaming but no one came to my rescue and I gave up and just remained there until he was done.

Stacy’s POV.

I could hear noises from Mark’s room, slowly I encroached there and my bag fell from my hand after what I just saw. Mark noticed my presence, I ran from the room immediately and I went to get a sleeping gun. I ran back to his room and he was already away from her. he tried to talk to me, I didn’t listen or want to hear anything. I shot him with the gun and he fainted immediately.

“oh my God”
I cried as I covered Sakira with a wrapper.

she looked so lost, like everything was over, that all is left now is death. I cried and hugged her.

“i’m sorry. i’m really sorry”
I cried and hugged her.

she didn’t move or look at me. this type of thing was not supposed to happen to her. not her, It could be anyone but not Sakira.

Sakira’s POV

My life has been taken away from. I tried my best to avoid it, because I knew that was what Mark was after. Stacy cried as she hugged me. streaks of tears came down from my eyes. there was nothing to do anymore. I’ve lost it and it is not coming back. in my village, I will not be able to get married because I have lost my most important tool. I have to leave this place, this place is killing me day by day. After she released me, I looked at her

“help me, I want to leave here”
I cried
she shook her head. “i’m sorry, I really wish I could. i’m really sorry” she cried.

I kept silence and tears fell from my eyes. I can’t continue like this. I can’t live like this anymore. I have to find a way.

I stood up and thanked Stacy and I left the room.

I got to the residence and Mary ran to hug me.

“i’m sorry”
she cried

I hugged her back and cried harder

“I’ve lost it Mary, I’ve lost it”
I cried
she pulled me from her hug and looked at

“it’s okay”
she said “i promise you’ll be fine” she said. “i want you to stand strong. don’t let your guard down. I believe so much in you” she said “don’t give up like the rest of us did” she said

I nodded and cleansed my tears. Things are going to be different now.

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