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Sakira  - Season 1 - Episode 11
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The following day I refused to come out from the residence I was not ready to face anybody. I heard noises from outside and I didn’t care. Suddenly, Mr Frank came into the residence. I turned to look at him and he slapped me and I fell from where I was sitting.

“Why are you here, when the rest are busy”
he asked

I stood up from the floor and I felt blood on my lips. I restrained myself from crying. I refused to answer him and I just stared blankly at him.

“Are you deaf?!”
he shouted “can’t you talk” he asked.

I refused to answer him. I was getting angry and I felt adrenaline pass through me.

“Do you want me to………….”
he said coming closer to me

“”Don’t touch me!!!!”
I pushed him until he fell on the floor. “do you think you are a god I should worship. do you think I was born because of you” I cried.

I couldn’t control my emotions and I burst into tears immediately. The pain was too much I can’t continue to swallow what they’ve been doing to me.

he got up from the floor and dusted his body, then he pulled me outside.

“tie her to the tree and get me the whip. animals should be treated like one”
he said.

“master please. it’s not her fault” Mary begged.

then his men came and held me.

“no let me go, I won’t let you do this. let me go”
I struggled but it was in vain.

“master please”
Mary continued to beg.

“shut up or you’ll replace her and yours will be worse”
he threatened

They succeeded in tying me to the tree and then I heard the sound of the whip and instantly I became scared

“beat her”
he told Mary

“what….no..n….no sir I can’t”
she said.

“i said beat her” he shouted

“master please it’s not her fault. please forgive her”
she begged

“what could be worse than throwing your master to the floor and raising insults on him uh?! Tell me!!!!. now beat her”
he said

“I….I…i’m sorry sir but I can’t”
she said.

“alright then, i’ll do it and mine would be worse. i’ll make sure she bleeds before I stop” he said.

my heart was beating profusely. I closed my eyes and got ready for the whip. I got one lash on my back and I went numb immediately. instantly I became weak. he gave me the second one and I couldn’t hold it.

I shouted and cried.

he kept on whipping me, I couldn’t move or shout or even cry. I went numb. I could feel blood from my back I knew I was soaked with blood.

“Father stop!!!!”
a voice shouted. I recognise the voice and I knew it was Stacy. “stop this madness now!!!!!” she shouted.

“get back to your room, you shouldn’t be seeing this” he said.

“why are you like this? why can’t you just be like a normal father? must you do this? do you even care to know why she was like that. all you care about is you, yourself and nobody else. you are a monster. for God’s sake these people are humans and not animals. Your stupid son raped and her and now you her beating her when the other wound it not even healed yet. I hate you. You are not my father, a man like you is best dead to save the country and the people in it” she said and walked away.

there was silence for while. everywhere was getting blur and finally he spoke.

“untie her, lock her in the dark room without food or water until further notice.”
he said and walked away.

as they untied me I fell to the floor and darkness took over.


I woke up in a very dark room and the next thing that followed was pain from my back. I tried to sit up but I couldn’t I just layed on my stomach. the pain was so much. then I heard a voice from the door

“Sakira…are you there”
a voice asked
“Mary?” I called weakly

“Oh thank God. i’m so sorry, i’m really sorry”
she cried

‘” i’m okay. where am I”
I asked weakly

“Master told his men to lock you up”
she said. then I recalled all that happened before I fainted. I remember he said I should be locked up without food or water. I really don’t need those. what I need is my freedom.

“okay thanks”
I said weakly

“Sakira we will fight this together. this will end soon.”
she said.

“i hope so”
I cried

Later she left and I cried on the bed I was on and prayed that God should get me out of this bondage.

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