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Sakira  - Season 1 - Episode 12
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Dave’s POV

Weeks had passed by and my dad had another transaction with Mr Frank. I was so happy because I am going to see Kira again
“you are not coming are you?” my father asked
“what if I want to” I said
“why” he asked me.

“well……I don’t know, their house is nice” I said
“you are not seeing a girl are you?” he asked
“what no father, what do you mean. i’m not seeing any girl” I lied.
“just be careful, that man’s a devil” he said. “we do nothing more than transactions is that clear” he said
“yes sir” I said
Later we got there and just like the last time, a table was set for us. I was looking forward to seeing her again. she made me always smile, she was ten times much more different than Lizzy. I looked around and I saw no sign of Kira and it disturbed me.

“are you looking for something” Mr Frank asked me
“uh no, no i’m not” I smiled
we drank in silence and I started a discussion to liven the atmosphere.

“so Mr Frank how have your days been” I asked.

“Not to good” he said.
“why” i asked
“nothing to concern yourself about” he said.

“come on aren’t we friends” I smiled.
“alright then, well a particular slave got me really angry and made my daughter to talk back at me” he said
“so what did you do” I asked
“i beat her well with the whip and now she’s on detention” he smiled
“oh” I said. I just hoped it wasn’t Kira
Then I summoned courage and asked him about Sakira.

“i noticed the girl that served us the last time is not the one that served us today” I said
“she’s the one on detention” he smiled
“she’s the one” I said trying to avoid my fear.

“yes she’s the one” he smiled.

I was afraid and I wondered what horrible things he must have done to her. I remained silent for a while as they continued their business transaction. when they were silent I spoke up.

“um Mr Frank I was wondering, since you have already beat her why don’t you let her go and then she could have realized her mistake” I said.

“Dave that is none of your busi……” my father said.

“no Mr Sherlock, it’s okay.” he stopped my father. “i’ll consider your what you said” he smiled.

he called one of his men and told them to bring Sakira.

Sakira’s POV.

I heard the door open and slowly I sat up. the wound had not healed but it had stopped bleeding. it still hurts so much and made me fall sick. I was looking dirty and pale. I really didn’t care anymore, about myself or anything. it seems like I would rot in this horrible place.

“you should thank your master’s friend, he begged for your freedom” the man said.

slowly I walked out of the dark room and went to the garden Mr Frank dined with his guest.

I saw his guest and part of them was Dave. I looked away to avoid myself from crying.

“are you stupid? can’t you thank him? don’t just stand there” Mr Frank shouted at me.

“no there no need for that Mr Frank” Dave said.

“no I’ve thought my slave to be respectful. NOW THANK HIM!!!!!!” he shouted
Slowly, I went to the floor with my two kneels and tears came out from my eyes.
“thank you sir” I cried.

Mr Frank laughed and dismissed me embarrassingly. I felt so ashamed and went somewhere to hide myself from everyone for now.

Dave’s POV

I felt so bad for Kira that I almost cried. she looked so pale, hungry and dirty. I can’t continue to see her like this, I have to do something quick before it’s late.

“if you’ll excuse me I would like to use the restroom” I said and left their premises.

I searched around for Kira and later I found her folded up in a little spot.

“Kira?” I called and she slightly turned
“go away” she said.

“Kira, i’m sorry for all that happened earlier. it was the only way I could use to see you again” I said

“you were the one who told him to release me?” she asked

“yes, yes I was the one” I said. “Kira I can help you get out of this mess” I said
“there’s nothing you can do” she said.

“I can do a lot and I’m going to help you” I said.

“can you really help me leave this place” she said with tears hanging on her eyes.

I went closer to her and I held her hand.

“i’ll help you out this even if it cost my life” I said
“how” she asked.

“eleven pm. come outside and i’ll be waiting for you” I said
she ran her hands round me hugged me and I hugged her back gently, knowing fully well she was beaten.

“i wouldn’t do this if I were you” a voice said and I turned to see Mark
“what is this? I expected more from you Dave and not this. I would let this slide again and it’s because of your father Dave. but the next time I see you two together i’ll make sure you and your father loose everything you have with my father” he threatened and walked away.

I looked at Kira and nodded my head at her. I left her in order to avoid anymore suspicions.

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