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Sakira  - Season 1 - Episode 13
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It was nine o clock. I had just one more hour. I watched as everyone went to sleep. I told Mary everything and she promised to cover for me. The light in the house we’re going off one after the order, sometimes they would come back on and it annoyed me. Mary gave me an extra key, since she is the assistant head of slaves. It was exactly eleven and all ages were shut.

Dave’s POV

I sneaked out of my house and quietly I locked the door from outside. My father is a deep sleeper so I took advantage of it. I wen the through the woods leading to Mr Frank house. My play house was on that direction but a distance away from Mr Frank’s house. It was a house I bought with my friends a long time ago.

Sakira’s POV

I came out of the slave residence and tiptoed gently to the main gates. The gate men were all asleep in their own residence and gently I unlocked the gates and came out and locked it from outside.

I was so happy to be outside. I wish I could just run away from here but I don’t know anywhere here in London and eventually Mr Frank will find me. And again I have no money. I better just follow Dave’s plan.

I walked slowly to the wood and then I heard my name in a whisper. I looked up to see Dave and a smile encroached on my face.

“I’m glad you could make it” he said.
I smiled at him.

“Come on let’s go” he said as he held my hand and we walked deeper into the woods. I felt happy within me that I could be with Dave and just forget everything about Mr Frank and family.

Finally we arrived at a medium sized house in the middle of the forest.

“Why do you have a house here?” I asked.

“It has more privacy and besides it belonged to my friends and I” he said.
“Oh” I said.

He opened the door and we got in. It was silent for a while and then I looked at him.
“Thank you” I smiled.

“It’s fine. Come on let’s get started” he said as he began to bring out some papers from the drawers. He looked so different unlike when he comes with his father in a suit and a briefcase with him. Right now he looked so simple, wearing a white shirt that is not fully buttoned and a black trouser. He put the papers on the table and then motioned to me to come closer.

“What we have to do first is to send your parents letters. Telling them how unwell you are” he said.

“Okay but how will that be sent” I asked
“I’ll Send it through my dad and I’ll just link it to Africa” he said

I sat down and began to write and he also helped in some part of it. I spent an hour on it and in between we would talk and laugh. We got to know each other better. He told me about his childhood and how he lost his mother to a car accident when he was just six. I was as well conscious of time. I planned to go back to Mr Frank’s house when it was four. I spoke about my self to him as well. Finally, i finished writing and he helped me to package the letters in different envelopes and kept them in a small box.

“This would get to Africa in no time” he smiled.

I smiled at him, I knew he was a great person and entirely different from others. I checked the time and it was already three thirty. Wow time is far spent.

Slowly I walked up to him and wrapped my hand around him and rested my head on his chest, I could hear his heart beat faster and I smiled.

“Thank you very much for helping me” I said.

Slowly I felt his hand on my back.

“You’re welcome” he said.

I released him and I left his play house. I had not reached a distance when I hears my name being called. I turned to see Dave.

“I’ll be expecting you tomorrow” he said.
“Sure” I smiled and left.

I reached the house and did my sneak peak pattern and got in without causing any alarm. I got into the slave residence and fell on my bed.

“So how was it?” I turned to see Mary fully awake.

“You didn’t sleep” I asked
“I did but I woke up” she said.”so….” she stressed
“Good” I smiled.

“You’re going today aren’t you?” She asked and I nodded
“Just be careful” she added
“I will. Come on let’s get some sleep before we raise suspicions” I said.

We covered ourselves and slept comfortably.

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