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Sakira  - Season 1 - Episode 14
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The siren shouted and I jolted from sleep. It was like I didn’t sleep at all. I was weak and tired.

“Up up everybody up” I heard a voice and I looked up to see Mrs Frank.

Everything about this family annoys me. I really hope to hasten everything with Dave and leave this God forsaken home.

“Now I want you all to pat attention” she said.

All slaves looked at Mrs Frank waiting for her to speak.

“Someone stole money from me and I want that person to come out” she said.

Everyone looked at each other with a confused state. Then she looked at me and my heart rose.

“Something tells me it was you Sakira” she said.

“Why would I want to steal money from you” I asked.

“Because you live a poor, wretched and wayward life and people like you lack mental training. And thing like stealing is bound to happen because we rare dogs like you.” She insulted.

I looked at her with anger.

“You stole my money” she said coming closer to me
“I never stole anything from you” I retorted.

“Then where were you last night” she asked
I froze at her question and gave a quick glance at Mary.

“I……I……I” I stammered
I noticed everyone was looking at me with a disappointed look.

“Ha you can’t speak. You are a thief” she said.

Mark’s POV

I’ve been watching Sakira and yesterday, the person i employed told me what they were talking about. It seems like she had been seeing Dave. I know if i asks her, she would definitely deny it. So instead I set her up. I took part of my mom’s money and when she noticed I told her to question Sakira and also her whereabouts that way she won’t be able to deny. And I know the consequences of stealing is grievous. No doubt she will say the truth.

Sakira’s POV
There was absolutely no way I could tell her where I was last night or else all my plans with Dave will be in vain. And I’ll also put Dave into trouble.

“I would ask again. Where were you Sakira” she said forming a circle around me.
“I…..was….um….I…was” I stammered
I couldn’t even get a single word to come out.

“Take her out. A thief will be scolded like one” she said.

Oh no. The wound from Mr Frank was yet to fully heal and now I want to get another one. No this is too much.

I was taken outside and I saw Mark standing as if he was prepared for this.

“Strip her and don’t stop beating her until she confess” she said.

My heart raised and I was scared. I couldn’t take this. This is worse than the first one. This time they want me naked. I have to think of something.

“I’ll tell you” I said shaking.
“Where were you” she asked again.

I looked around and my eyes fell on Mark, who was smiling evilly. I had a feeling he had something to do with this.

“There….um..I was hungry and there was a shop opened so I took your money to buy something to eat.” I lied.

I saw Mark and the smile on his face has changed to a frown. He Did have something to do with this.

Mrs Frank was silent for a while.

“Give her twenty. A thief must not go unpunished. And yes stripped” she smiled and walked away.

I have to accept this. But I know one day I will get out of this mess.

Once again I was down with pain and weakness took over my body.

“You could have told her” Mary said.
“I can’t and you shouldn’t” I said weakly.

It looked Mark knew something and now I have to be extra careful. I will leave later than eleven.

“Don’t go today” she said.

“I have to. I won’t waste one more day here” I said weakly.

She sighed. I felt blood flowing down my back and pain took over me. I knew I was going to be sick.

Later it got dark. When it was eleven I waited a little. When it was exactly twelve I left for Dave’s place. I was very weak but I had to gather all the strength I have left.

Dave’s POV

I had to borrow some money from my dad.
“What for” he asked
“I am into some contributions for a project and the money I budgeted was not enough” I lied
I needed the money to make documents for Sakira or else we won’t be able to board a ship.

My dad counted the amount I told him and he gave it to me.

“Thanks Dad. Don’t wait for me. I’ll be late.” I told him as I left the house.

I left the house a little earlier and waited for Kira and the play house. I was always happy to have her around me. She made me always happy. I didn’t care if she was black skinned. She was beautiful in every way. It was already eleven thirty and she was not yet here. I was scared and I hopes she was not caught. Soon I heard a knock on my door and I ran to open it. I smiled as I saw her she smiled faintly and then I knew something was wrong. Immediately she fell but I caught her before she could drop on the floor. I checked her and saw blood stains on her back.
“Oh no” I said
Immediately I la!d her in the bed and made the herbal medicine for her. From the looks I could tell it was already infected. Gently I turned her to lay on her stomach. I unzipped her gown and before I could proceed any further, she held my hand.

“Don’t do this” she pleaded.

“You’ll be fine. I’m just applying some medications.” I told her.

I removed her hand and continued what I was doing.

“Leave me alone. Don’t touch me Mark” she shouted.

I squatted, held her hand and looked at her.

“Kira it’s Dave and not Mark” i said gently.

She widened her eyes when she noticed it was me.

“Dave?” She said weakly.

I smiled at her and continued what i was doing. As I applies the treatment she winced and even cried. It hurts me so much to see her in a state like this. I was really mad.

Later, I was done and she was asleep. I helped her with her documentations. I was going to help her process her papers and everything.

Sakira’s POV

I woke up and I found myself in a different place and not the residence. The pain on my back had gone down a little. Then I looked up and saw Dave and then I remembered everything.

“You feeling better?” he smiled and I nodded.

“Thank you” I said.

He smiled and squatted to my level and surrounded me in his arms.

“We’ll get through this……together” he said.

I don’t know but my heart was beating so fast. Slowly I hugged him back.

He showed me the papers he would process for me and after a while I left

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